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Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

Welcome to Signs & Portents, Mongoose Publishing’s very own life support mechanism! Every month you can read essential updates for our huge range of books, pick up brand new scenarios to test your skills as a gamer and see what Mongoose has coming up in the future. If you like Mongoose books, you will love Signs & Portents. Every game system they produce is supported by Signs & Portents. Be it Slaine, Judge Dredd, Babylon 5, Armageddon 2089 or the core fantasy range of books (including the Slayer's Guides, Quintessentials and Encyclopaedias), you will find something in Signs & Portents for you. As new games such as Lone Wolf, Starship Troopers and Nemesis come on line, they will be supported too, plus provide exclusive preview articles demonstrating background, rules mechanisms and work in progress. Issue 1, for example, has a unique Minbari preview for Babylon 5 detailing the famous White Star cruiser. Many of the articles are written by the very authors of the games themselves, such as August Hahn and Gareth Hanrahan, as well as a host of other experienced writers in the d20 industry. In addition, there are regular columns by writers like Jonny Nexus and the editor, Ian Barstow. Signs & Portents marks the commitment Mongoose Publishing has to supporting its game systems in the market.

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