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#2 "Armageddon, Babylon 5, Conan Character Class"

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

Last Stocked on 1/4/2023

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#2 "Armageddon, Babylon 5, Conan Character Class"
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Handling the Lady
The first in our new series of encountering the major characters from the Babylon 5 TV series focuses on Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova, an EarthForce officer you do not want to get on the wrong side of. Learn how to incorporate Ivanova into your games without upsetting the balance of your game.

Conan – Adventuring in Hyborian Age
In this issue we take a look at the essence of Conan himself, the barbarian character class. Be the first to see just how the mighty Cimmerian will develop.

Blood Magic
Providing a new character concept, the blood magus, a new prestige class (the blood patriarch) and guidelines for incorporating blood magic into the world of Slaine.

No Sudden Moves
Dealing with hostage situations in any game can be tricky, whether you are staring down the barrel of a crossbow or a PPG. August Hahn shows how to micro-manage these intense situations, with tips on rules and roles to help you get the best from your games.

Mek of the Month – The Moore Ltd. ‘Marshal’
The first in a new regular series providing exciting and controversial new Meks for use in the highly popular Armageddon: 2089 game. This month sees Moore Ltd’s attempt to create the ultimate war beast – and introduces Maximilian Gonzalez, which WarMek’s resident road tester and the man the big companies love to hate. Read his own review to find out why, then judge for yourself.

Datafile: 2089. Ambush! – WarMek Battle Report
A complete WarMek engagement studied in detail, providing both rookies and veteran Mek drivers with tactical insights and advice on how to stay alive on the battlefields of 2089.

Ultimate Gameplay – Iron Pots
Because sometimes at the end of the day your adventurers want to do more with their utensils than just leave them in a blanket roll. Discover new and violent uses for the things you always took for granted around the campfire.

High Frontier
A huge review of Armageddon 2089’s forthcoming release. Every conceivable aerial machine, from low-flying helicopter gunships to space-bound transports, is featured in this eagerly anticipated book. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the game and reach for the stars.

Quintessential Half-orc
This often-overlooked fantasy character class finally comes under the spotlight. Look in for a taste of what promises to be a great book.

White Queen’s Gambit
An all-new d20 fantasy scenario, with the focus firmly on stretching brain cells as well as sword arms. A working knowledge of chess might not go amiss as your party heads out to a mist-shrouded island in search of treasure.

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