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Your favorite game store moved to Madison! As some may already know, our inventory has grown SO MASSIVE that we no longer fit inside just one building. As a matter of fact we barely fit into five buildings!

Because of this, we had been on a search for a new location to move into for several years now, and at long last we’ve found a new spot at:

2835 Commerce Park Dr,
Fitchburg, WI 53719

We realize for some of our customers this means we’re moving farther away, but we hope that you’ll be excited about the new services this new location will allow us to provide.
Our new building has a 2,500 square foot storefront, an additional 2,500 square foot play space (something we’ve never had), as well as new sales and promotions for walk-in customers, events, demos and more. We also will continue to offer the lowest prices of any brick and mortar store around!

With our collection of over three quarters of a million games and accessories and over a quarter million different in-print and out of print titles available, we have the largest selection of games in the world.
With our new building we hope to reflect this to our in-store customers, and hope to create the largest event center for table top games in the area!

From County Hwy PD turn south at the IMAX theater and drive up the hill to our new location - right next to the Fitchburg water tower.
We hope to complete construction and be moved in before the holiday season of 2018.
We hope you’re as excited as we are, and that we see you there!