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#8 "CyberNet, Conan, Babylon 5"

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#8 "CyberNet, Conan, Babylon 5"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2004
Pages: 72
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147674055
Mfg. part #: MGP5508
Type: Magazine


Total Physical Replacement – Fed up with your current CyberNet body? Get enough creds together and you can change all that. August Hahn wants to help you be the person you always wanted to be, even if you can never pass through a metal detector again…

More Most Wanted – The Executioner – You’ll get quite a surprise when you find out the identity of Mega-City One’s most feared vigilante. It didn’t faze Judge Dredd, of course, but do you have the inner steel of the greatest judge of them all?

101 Uses for an Immovable Rod – Part one of a fascinating feature on what of the most underrated items in fantasy roleplaying. If you only make use of a few of the suggestions given you will find yourself ahead of the game. Just remember to credit Johnathan M. Richards when the rest of your party gasps in awe.

Gaming Symposium – Storytelling d20 – Shannon Kalvar’s justly acclaimed column makes its return with a discussion on that fundamental of gaming. Telling a good tale. Beware though, like every other Gaming Symposium, you’ll end up thinking harder than you intended!

Conan – Roleplaying in the Hyborian Age – The Hyborian continent is a wonderfully developed place to immerse oneself, but like any good gamer you are no doubt thinking…’what if…’ To help you on your way to adapting other books for use with Conan the Roleplaying Game we put our team of Hyborian experts on the case. Read their findings and se if you agree.

Of Mixed Blood – If you find playing a humdrum fantasy human just a little too boring, then why not experiment with a child of diverse parentage? Whether you want to be the offspring of a demon or a celestial, Adrian Bott, author of The Quintessential Human, has something for you.

Creature Feature – The latest series of new beasties turns its attention to poisonous creatures. Whether you are pulling on a boot or pitching a tent, these monsters will give you something to think about.

Behind the Scenes – this month’s scenario is set on Babylon 5 and features some dodgy goings on I the world of the Mutai, Babylon 5’s resident gladiators. See if your party has what it takes to unravel the truth without getting some broken teeth…or worse.