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#19 "Drazi Hunt!, The Wilds of Hyboria"

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

MSRP $5.95

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#19 "Drazi Hunt!, The Wilds of Hyboria"
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The New White Star Fleet – August Hahn expands on the basic White Star ship for A Call to Arms. Now you get fighters as well!

From Beyond The Grave – There’s still a place for the macabre in the enlightened world of OGL Steampunk. Learn about revenants and see how these foul creatures cheat death. Assuming you aren’t their next victim, of course…

Snap Shots – More photographic treats of the rapidly expanding Mongoose miniatures lines. Fattie or Skyboarder? You decide.

Full Eagle Day – Marc Farrimond presents a scenario for rookie judges in Gangs of Mega-City One, along with new stats for including them in your games

The Wilds of Hyboria – If your party regularly ventures out into the wastes of Conan’s world, then this comprehensive collection of random encounter tables is sure to liven things up. See if your Games Master has a wicked smile on his face after reading this.

Mongoose Open Day 2004 – See the pictures, identify the culprits and read Old Bear’s witty captions as we go behind the scenes at Open Day 2004. See the Mongoose crew in their natural habitat – Mongoose Hall itself! Power Class: Seer – Part 2 of our mammoth new character class, introducing a whole new school of magic for those who like to know what the future holds.

Drazi Hunt! – This month’s scenario is set on Babylon 5, following on from the very first adventure, Whispers I Darkness that regaled S&P#1. Get ready to track down the mysterious accomplice from the original story!

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