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#10 "Danger in the Westermarck! - Conan Adventure"

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#10 "Danger in the Westermarck! - Conan Adventure"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2004
Pages: 72
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.18"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148632377
Mfg. part #: MGP5510
Type: Magazine



Return of the [Real] King
Many Conan fans were brought up reading Conan the Conqueror, the reissue of Howard’s seminal novel, Hour of the Dragon. Visions of the Battle of Valkia and the climactic battle in the Valley of Lions introduced many to the greatest ever fantasy hero. As a taste of what’s to come in Road of Kings, we present King Conan in all his glory!

Another exciting setting for your CyberNet campaigns, sprinkled with a few lashings of OGL Horror. In a future world of mountainous cities reaching into the clouds, can you survive vampires, zombies and fishmen?

Saddle Soaring
It’s the latest craze to hit Mega-City One. Strap one of these saddles onto virtually anything and hit the skies or go to the rodeos in Texas City. You can even mount them on rockets…if you really want to.

A Star is Born
Think that life on Babylon 5 is staid and boring? Crave the need for the high life? Fed up with roughing it in Brown Sector? If the answer to all these things is ‘yes’, then perhaps you need to become a Media Star. Get the red carpet treatment all the way with this great new prestige class.

Rune Magic
If you think that sitting up all night swapping spells is just a good way to lose sleep, then this new form of magic may be just the tonic. Much more flexible than arcane or divine magic, rune magic gives you complete control over your spells.

Any Port in a Storm
How often do you get into a town and the Games Master has to spend five minutes struggling to come up with an original angle for the local tavern or hostelry? Now, with our easy to use Random Inn generator, you can stop the waiting and get on with playing.

Power Class: Eldritch Vampire
Eldritch vampires are living sieves for magical energy. While their supernatural power is not innate, they have the unique ability to draw magic from external sources and store it within their own conscious. Through meditation, eldritch vampires can focus on stored magical energies, conquering, manipulating and releasing them at will. Live magic, sleep magic, eat magic.

The Fomorians
They live on an iceflow at the north end of the back of beyond, they look hideous and they want to destroy the human race. For many, the fomorians are the ultimate villains in the Slaine Roleplaying Game. This in-depth article looks at the fomorians like never before; new spells, traits, mutations, weapons and lot more besides. This is what every Slaine fan has been waiting for!

Gaming Symposium: Running an Epic Campaign
This favorite series returns, with Greg Smith discussing how to put together a campaign with meaning, not just a string of mindless encounters. Go on, get educated.

Danger on the Westermarck
This inaugural Conan scenario takes the players into the Pictish Wilderness with revenge on their minds. Well, revenge and gold. Experience frontier life in Aquilonia and you’ll soon be running through the forest like a Hyborian Hawkeye!