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#3 "d20 CyberNet"

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

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#3 "d20 CyberNet"
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Of all of the various creature types, the vermin are often thought of as the least interesting, but is it fair to merely relegate them to the role of the ‘wandering monster’. Johnathan Richards says a hearty ‘no!’ and here he presents a selection of more interesting nasties for gamers to get their teeth into – or vice versa…

Beyond the Cut Out
Shannon Kalvar, author of the highly acclaimed Story Engine article from Issue 1 turns to stereotyping adventures. Learn how not to make things boring and obvious, and expand your gaming experiences to the max.

What You See…
Essential additions and revisions to Encyclopaedia Arcane: Illusionism from the author, Joseph Miller.

The 3.5 Witch
The Quintessential Witch was the first guide in the Collector’s series to break away from the coverage of the core classes and races in the d20 system. With the advent of the new revision, it is time to take a second look at this class to bring it into line with the rest of the rules.

Ultimate Gameplay – Urban
A few prepared characters shine in city environments. Others navigate blindly, hoping to not blunder into a situation beyond their control. The feats and magical items presented here can help any character settle into an urban setting. After all, life’s not just one big dungeon…

Get Your Motor Running!
New rules and ideas for the Lawmaster III bike from the Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game. Quartz headlamps, sirens, self-destruction – just some of the switches you had better not touch until you have read the manual.

The Pak’ma’ra
The universe’s trash collectors expanded for the Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game.

Vengeance of Maeldun
An all-new introductory level scenario for the Slaine Roleplaying Game, based on one of the great tales of Irish mythology. Set sail with the Sessair tribe for some nautical action.

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