#14 "The Computer Is Your Friend, Spawn of Hades"

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#14 "The Computer Is Your Friend, Spawn of Hades"
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Issue 14 of Signs & Portents is here and it’s just getting better and better. With Mongoose’s range of games getting ever wider, so the range of articles in S&P broadens as well. Don’t worry, though. All your old favorites are there as well!

Tales From Mongoose Hall – More chaos and carnage as Tharg teaches Jerrith Thann who the boss is. Get ready for blood, carnage and pain. And that’s just amongst the staff.

The Computer Is Your Friend – Paranoia is back and this time it’s personal. Chief Paranoia writer Allen Varney doesn’t trust you to work this out for yourself, so he’s here to tell you everything you need to know.

Spawn of Hades – The monsters of Mythology are familiar to anybody who has seen Jason and the Argonauts or Clash of the Titans. Adrian Bott has decided that there aren’t enough in OGL Ancients so we present a fresh collection to terrorize your Ancient heroes.

Going Underground – Washington – The final part of our series about the Mega-City One Undercity for Judge Dredd takes us to the nation’s capital, except these days the White House is more a dirty shade of grey.

Sons of Anshan – Conan’s Hyboria is a huge place, so not every nation got covered in the main rule book. One of the countries that missed out was Iranistan, the nomadic land south of Ghulistan. Now you can play the mighty Gotarza, captain of the Iranistani Royal Guard, or perhaps just an Iranistani nomad on the look out for adventure.

Dark Phoenix Rising, part 2 – The second of a fantastic two part adventure for Judge Dredd. Having met up with hybrid monsters and underhand narcotic deals, it’s time to take the judges into space to complete the story. Definitely not one to miss if you are a Dredd fan.

How It All Began – Part 4 of Gary Gygax’s exclusive look back on the foundation of roleplaying. Any serious student of roleplaying will be fascinated to read what the hobby’s godfather has to reveal about how the hobby began.

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