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Mercs - KemVar

Mercs - KemVar

KemVar started as Kemet of Brazil and Varlen of Venezuela. These two competing energy superpowers realized that if they wanted a piece of the world market they would have to put their territorial bickering aside and combine forces. The result was KemVar, which quickly inserted itself into the world markets with bold and daring moves. KemVar was the first MegaCon to merge with a territorial government-capturing even more of the market place. Other mega corporations suffered under an antiquated rule set that limited their ability to compete with this new government based corporation. KemVar’s strength lies in their ability to manipulate fields of energy to produce Active Camouflage. Every KemVar MERC is outfitted with the AC.2.7 Integrated Recognizance System. This system envelopes the MERCS soldier in a reflective energy field that replicates the environment around the MERC, making them harder to see and harder to hit. Obviously, using this cutting edge technology comes at a price. The depth of the AC.2.7 IRS’s integration means, that the KemVar suits suffer from a lack of reliability which forced the MegaCon to use small group tactics more so than their rivals. KemVar overcomes its apparent lack of manpower and the unreliability of their AC MERCS armor by specializing in small group deployment and tactics. They commission each MERCS unit together to create trust and a team-oriented environment. They are without equal when it comes to understanding and adapting to what each other is doing. MegaCons often avoid skirmishes with KemVar because the cost rarely exceeds the gain.

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