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Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Psi Corps

Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Psi Corps

The motto of the Psi Corps is 'Maternis, Paternis'- the Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father. Telepaths live their whole lives within the Corps. Their every need is taken care of by the Corps, from education to housing to medical care to socialization. Biologically, telepaths have parents of course, but from an early age, the Corps sees to their well-being with the infinite devotion and care of a natural parent. No telepath need ever be alone. Officially, the Psi Corps relies on the commercial and military ships of the Earth Alliance to traverse the galaxy, going where its telepaths are required. Unofficially, the Psi Corps has managed to sequester vast sums of money into black ops programs which include an entire fleet of highly advanced ships. Spending much of their time hidden in hyperspace, these ships allow high-ranking members of the Psi Corps to range across the stars at will, rooting out traitors and furthering the goals of the Corps.

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