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Labyrinthine (Classic Reprint)
Peter Kesteran, Judith Kerestan
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Precis Intermedia brings back this classic boardgame. Originally published in 1977 by Wee Warriors, Labyrinthine is an early example of dungeon-style games. This was an era when games were created without today's advanced software and print services, making indie publishers of the time truly special.

A variety of evil creatures face a group of lawful adventurers seeking to rescue the princess, who is held deep within the stronghold. The evil player designs a labyrinth from the geomorphic sections provided, distributing his deadly forces in secret to impede the progress of the questing force. The questing party must overpower guards before they can sound the alarms and search the rooms to find the best approach to reach and rescue the Princess. Once the Princess is removed from her cell, the evil player must stop the questing party's escape with her.

This piece of gaming history is a must for collectors, old school gamers, and those looking for a fast-playing dungeon-style game. With the original on the extremely rare list, this classic reprint of Labyrinthine has been remastered for a clean print, and is readily available at a low cost.

Requires 2 six-sided dice.

Note that the printed version includes a page of counters and 15 duplicate sheets on light cardstock for constructing the geomorphic labyrinth.

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