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#45 w/Red Dragon, Blue Dragon

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#45 w/Red Dragon, Blue Dragon
Category: Board Games
Author: Earl Dixon, Lembit Tohver
Publish Year: 2016
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148747605
Mfg. part #: ATO12-1
Type: Boxed Game

#45 w/Red Dragon, Blue Dragon


Red Dragon, Blue Dragon by Earl Dixon, covers the largest and most decisive battle of the Chinese Civil War. This battle took place in central China near the city of Xuzhou from November 1948 into January of 1949.

One might ask why it is we know so much (and game so much) about the Russian Civil War and see very little on the Chinese Civil War... a conflict more prolonged, larger in scope (in terms of the numbers involved) and with more bearing on modern times.

Aside from Chiang Kai-shek and Mao, our common knowledge knows no names, nor even can name any battles. This game studies the most important battle - really a series of battles in the most conclusive campaign.

Examining this key battle using weekly turns and Corps-level units at 20 km/hex, the sequence of play literally puts the Reds within the Nationalists' "decision cycle", an elegant effect to model what made this battle so decisive.

The GMD advantages include air support, rail movement, and convoys, while the PLA player benefits from pontoon bridges, guerrilla movement, and "fast marches."
Both sides can be affected by random events and there are even rules for GMD units "defecting" and a Deng Xiaopeng marker and effect!

Apart from the "Sudden Death" victory condition (if the PLA takes Xuzhou before the end of Turn Four, the game is over and he wins), the only way for the PLA to win is to inflict 36 corps' worth of casualties by the end of turn ten.