#304 "Where's My Kampfgruppe?, Battlefields of the Netherlands, Chariots"

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#304 "Where's My Kampfgruppe?, Battlefields of the Netherlands, Chariots"
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Where's My Kampfgruppe?

When Flames Of War games designer Mike Haught wrote the Market Garden books he created a battlegroup that could cover as many possible angles in one company diagram as possible, in this article Mike gets more specific, highlighting various battlegroups which can be fielded from the existing company diagrams.

A Walk In The Park

Hunner Park lies just south of the strategically situated town of Nijmegen. During the WWII Market Garden operation it became a key battleground as the Allies pushed forward towards German. This is a Flames Of War scenario.

Battlefields Of The Netherlands

Far from being flat and featureless, the Dutch landscape is crossed by canals, soggy polder and raised roads, while other areas are built up into large cities.

Raising Roads

Casey Davies shows us how to create one of the key features of the Dutch countryside - raised roads.

A Very Small Disaster

As the British found out in Zululand in 1879, it’s not a great idea to take the last in line to the French Imperial throne along on campaign as a casual observer. Wyvern Wargames Club take us through their participation game based on Prince Napoleon’s ill-fated holiday in South Africa.

Command Combat: Civil War

Jeff McArthur, author of the game Command Combat: Civil War, takes us through the ideas behind his game, telling us a bit more about how it all developed.

Scalp! Part One

Tim Eagling provides us with the backdrop for a nice little French & Indian Wars campaign. Our first article includes a scenario covering a raid on a logging party.

Evolution Of The Tank

The introductory article for our new series on the development of the tank. Jerry Biolchini starts us off by explaining a bit more about what a tank truly is and looking at the elements that must be considered along the way.


In our second “Evolution” article, veteran wargamer and historian Nigel Stillman takes a look at the idea that perhaps chariots were the original tanks of their day.

Dachshunds And Bulldogs

Following last month’s Mons, 1914 article, model-maker Nick Buxey brings us part two of the article in which he tells us how he went about bringing the battlefield to life.

Battlegroup Kursk: Designer’s Notes

We chat to Warwick Kinrade about his new set of WWII rules - Battlegroup Kursk.

PLUS You can also find: Matt Parkes’ final article on freehand and decals and a look at the Fall In! show (US).

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