Arduin Eternal (1st Edition)

By: Emperor's Choice

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Arduin (Emperor's Choice)

Last Stocked on 4/8/2011

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Arduin Eternal (1st Edition)
Monty St. John
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Arduin enters its fourth generation!

Launching forward is an enhanced game for the new millennium that retains all the qualities of its predecessors in a single volume!

Plumb the depths of the rich world of Arduin. Engage as the emotionless insectiod Phraint. Game in the free wheeling city of Talismondé. Dash through battle with a hot-blooded Amazon. Fear deadly Deodanths, time-stranded from the future. Sally forth the Khai Shang, strand on Khaas from the stars. Make your mark as a mercenary captain from the border wars in the West. Trust in the 10,000 gods - take up their banner as a Priest, Paladin, Saint or Witch Hunter. Learn Eldarin, the language of the ancient Kthoi, weaving enigmatic runes. Journey to the city of Melkalund to learn at the underground college of technology. Dare life as a street touch, fluent in the unarmed fighting arts of Rhingorda. Take on the world as a Techno, master of technology and engineering. Hound and hunt the wicked with the iron will of a Witch Hunter. Wield the wild magik, mastered by the great mages of Ghorfar. Spill blood as a gladiator fresh from the 100 battles of Ithalos or conquer the fighting pits of Viruelandia. Its all yours and more.

Within Arduin Eternal you will find everything you need to play over 20 races with nearly 30 professions and paths which make the combinations ... Endless!

Its all there; the inspiration, blood, guts, glory and battles! All the feats of derring-do and bare-assed wickedness that made Arduin an infamous legend.

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