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Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: LBG0001
Type: Boxed Game



This is an entertaining card game of strategy and chance based on World War Two (1939–1945) naval combat, when fleets combined the awesome firepower of traditional battleships with long-range bombing strikes from aircraft carriers. Players determine when and how to seek combat; to use daylight for smashing carrier air strikes through defending fighters and dense antiaircraft fire or to use the dark of night for quick and devastating surface attacks using the battleships’ big guns. Submarines, destroyers, mines and torpedo boats also all play their roles. Two to four players command squadrons of battleships and aircraft carriers and the side that scores the most victory points by “sinking” enemy vessels and winning sorties wins the game. This is an exciting and fun card game where every playing is different. Playing time is one to two hours.

Once the enemy fleet sorties, the action is on between carriers, land based air strikes, destroyers, submarines and battleships. Combat air patrol and anti-aircraft attempt to turn back enemy bombers while escorts attempt to counter the enemy submarines. The only sure thing is the hours of fun you will have with Battlegroup™.

• The Allied Ship Deck—32 different battleships and aircraft carriers from Britain, France and the United States.
• The Axis Ship Deck—32 different battleships and aircraft carriers from Germany, Italy and Japan.
• The Action Deck—64 cards for attacking and defending the big ships.
• A Bag of six Dice and Plastic Markers
• The Complete Rules of Play: Short but comprehensive.
• cards are coated for durability.