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Warrior Pack - Cyrus the Great

By: Tri King Games

Type: CCG (Pack)

Product Line: Anachronism (Set #4)

Last Stocked on 10/21/2018

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Warrior Pack - Cyrus the Great
Product Line
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CCG (Pack)


Cyrus, granted the traditional title of ‘the Great’ by his people, was the founder of the Persian Empire and one of the first recorded proponents of human rights. He conquered mighty Babylon and adopted the worship of Marduk, the city’s patron god, in whose honor the Tower of Babel had been built. Cyrus’ Persian Empire grew larger than any previous, held together by Cyrus’ respect for the various religions and free will of his subjects, and the unbeatable might of the Persian war machine. Born with a conqueror’s spirit, use Cyrus the Great, founder of one of the mightiest empires in history, to claim the Anachronism arena as your domain, unchallenged and unchallengeable.

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