Vehicle Manual

By: I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Space Master Privateers (3rd Edition)

Last Stocked on 2/28/2020

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Vehicle Manual
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So ’fess up, What’s your sci-fi fantasy? A sleek, ultra-luxurious space yacht with accommodations for a few select friends? Perhaps you prefer to rough it in a converted freighter or a surplus military vessel or a smuggler’s ship? No? Well maybe we can tempt you to climb into the cockpit of the newest and most advanced deep space fighter. We can even arrange a command for you on a star destroyer. Nothing says “sci-fi” like “starship.” The Vehicle Manual lets you fly to the nearest star, planet, or across the galaxy. Explore the weird swamp you found on the third moon, hop across town to buy some groceries, or if you prefer move entire populations across the galaxy. The Vehicle Manual gives you the power. The third Tech Law book, the Vehicle Manual covers all types of vehicles: cars, boats, rockets, planetary shuttles, deep space fighters, interstellar destroyers. The manual includes sample vehicles, vehicle design, combat rules, and salvage and repair guidelines.

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