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Crusader, The - The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer

Crusader, The - The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer

Crusader brings its readers a plethora of useful articles, game design notes and game tips from the best in the biz! More than just another gaming magazine, Crusader offers fiction, poetry and spotlights artists of great repute as well as those of little renown. Regular features include: “How is All Happened” by Gary Gygax, here Mr. Gygax takes us back on the long journey of the history of TSR and his involvement in it. “Historical Footnotes,” a column that explores the myths surrounding historical events, persons, places and things; “Auld Wyrmish,” where Mike Steward opens pages to the nostalgic past; “The Tinker,” here Josh Chewning takes a look at what game design is all about; “Hammer and Anvil,” gives room for Casey Canfield to bring you the hard earned tips of a veteran gamer. These and much more: The Angry Gamer, Recipes of a Madman and Frankenberry and the Crack Parade. In future issues we’ll bring you articles on the gaming industry, current trends as well as nostalgic forays into those ‘what-could-have-beens.” Crusader can’t offer you much in the way of pomp and circumstance, but if you’re looking for the blood and iron that is our fantasy and science fiction hobby, look no further.

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