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#10 "Star Siege, Monsters of Aihrde"

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Crusader, The - The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer

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#10 "Star Siege, Monsters of Aihrde"
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The Crusader™ is a Journal dedicated to games and the gamers who play them. Within its pages lie a plethora of articles that touch upon many of our common interests. Though each issue sports at least one ‘crunchy’ bit rules article for Castles & Crusades and/or Gary Gygax's Lejendary Adventure, the magazine’s focus is much more broad. The Journal offers articles that range from the common and simple “How To” articles, to advice, fiction, poetry, humor, art and more. Feature articles include the following:

Cover Art: "StarSiege" by Peter Bradley

Special Features
StarSiege, a game of science fiction role play. Using the Siege mechanic Starsiege brinks a whole universe of possibilities to the game table. Take a peek at this first insider preview to the next generation of Siege Play.

Regular Columns:

How it All Happened, by E. Gary Gygax:
Risky Things, Part I

The future Judge in Gygax’s TSR case takes a shot at Gary with a 410 Shotgun and other encounters with firearms; throw in a mad bull and other sundries, and you have a risky summer indeed.

Alea iacta est or "The Die is Cast," by Stephen Chenault:
Swords and Sorcery

The classic motif of our hobby, the words “Swords & Sorcery” conjure very distinct images and feelings. But it is fantasy at its best.

Auld Wyrmish, by Mike Stewart:
Infernal Hosts

This article provides a quick discussion on a possible view of the “Lower Planes” for Castles & Crusades as well as statistics for some of the nastier horned and forked-tailed lot that inhabit it!

Hammer & Anvil, by Casey Cannfield:
The Campaign Setting – The Environs, Part II

I drill down into the detail of the setting, providing functional detail of the area’s major towns, NPCs, and areas, along with insight as to their development.

Aihrdian Chronicles (Fiction):
The Deep Quiet

The Prince Meltowg travels south to the coast and takes ship upon a pirate vessel from the Sea Towns. There he finds a Font of Naarheit and drinks its dregs. Highlight on travel upon the oceans in various crafts and boats.

Keeper’s Notes, by Davis Chenault:

Abusing the Castle Keeper: Is your game not up to snuff? The solution is not a new game but challenging the current game.

Cartoons: A Veritable Feast, by Jason Walton and Steve Chenault

Other articles include:

Historical Footnotes (historical)
The Angry Gamer (observational humor)
One Shots, by Bill Webb (adventure)
Them’s Fighting Words, by Joe Goodman (industry specific)
Game Reviews