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#8 "Remembering Gary Gygax, Dungeon Building 101"

#8 "Remembering Gary Gygax, Dungeon Building 101"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2008
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IMPTLG1107
Type: Magazine


What's Inside:

Special Features
Dungeon Building 101
By Robert Doyel

An introduction to dungeon building as presented by the author of the recently released Engineering Dungeons.

Special Guest
James Ward and Frank Mentzer

Jim and Frank take a moment to remember Gary Gygax

Trolls at Work a comic by Jason Walton and Steve Chenault

Snits from Tom Wham

Regular Columns
How it All Happened: Ghostly Happenings I
by E. Gary Gygax

Young Gygax has his first spiritual encounter of the ghostly kind when poltergeists haunt the attic above.

Alea iacta est or The Die is Cast: Remembering Gary Gygax
by Stephen Chenault

Steve remembers Gary Gygax, the origins of his first encounter and some thoughts on his parting.

Auld Wyrmish: Creating High Level Characters on the Fly
by Mike Stewart

This provides not only a system to create medium to high level characters for Castles & Crusades in a fast and simple manner, but also gives a quick system to give some background adventures to the character’s history as well. Yes, you rolled that your PC gets a +3 Longsword, but the system can also tell the player HOW the character got it.

Hammer & Anvil: Campaign Settings Part II
by Casey Cannfield

I take the concepts discussed in issue #7 and expand upon them, developing more details about the setting and fashioning elements to match my overall premise. I describe how I incorporate all of the different concepts into one main campaign theme.

Keeper’s Notes: Running a Game
by Davis Chenault

Playing Monsters and NPCs is a little more involved than you might think. That precious critical hit characters love so much goes both ways.

The Convention Blog: GenCon
By Stephen Chenault

Plunge into the maelstrom of the convention experience. Its as chaotic as memory serves.

Cover Art by: Jason Walton