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#15 "Red Dragon Inn, Cast a Deadly Spell, When is Too Little Experience Too Much?"

#15 "Red Dragon Inn, Cast a Deadly Spell, When is Too Little Experience Too Much?"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2009
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: IMPTLG1115
Type: Magazine


When Caesar stood upon the banks of the Rubicon looking south to Rome he hesitated. Before him stood the vast, complex mechanism of the past, glowing with a host of intricately woven stratagems. With him, he had but one legion, weary from 8 years of brutal war with the Gauls. But when called to surrender himself to the Senate and certain exile he did not hesitate. He called his legionaries to cross into Italy, to cross the Rubicon. And as he did so he said only this: Alea iacta est! The Die is Cast!

The Journal offers articles that range from the common and simple “How To” articles, to advice, adventures, free dungeon maps, new monsters, fiction, game review, humor, art and more.

Alea Iacta Est: Experience Points When is Too Little Too Much. A close look at experience points with some tricks of the trade.

Hammer & Anvil: Cast a Deadly Spell: Creating new spells, its more than just lead on paper.

NEW: Dragon Grumbles: Crusader welcomes Tim Kask to the Journal! Tim takes us back to TSR in the latter 1970s.

NEW: Adventure: James M. Ward brings us A Darker Shade of Ale! A new quick adventure for your C&C game!

Aihrdian Chronicles, Being the 13th Narrative: Meltowg leaves the Ineng Tree behind and journeys west where he first encounters the Hlobane and the Neurog Let.

Mark’s Mechanics: Mark Sandy joins the Crusader this month with a new column and takes a look at the mechanics of the RPG games!

Product Highlights: Welcome to the Conquered. A Look at the Haunted Highlands by the author who created it: Casey Christofferson!

Fat Dragon Games: James M. Ward takes a look at the EZ tiles created by Tom Tullis and crew!

Monsters of Aihrde: Introducing the Neurog Let, the Bone Crusher of Hlobane Fame!

Ready to Serve: Joe Damiani returns with more cool NPCs!!

Angry Gamer: James Ward confronts the angry Trolls!

Convention Blog: Richard McBain takes us to Sooner Con of last year and the weird adventures he, Mark and Casey Christofferson had!

Game Review: The Red Dragon Inn

Troll Freebies: Peter Bradley gives us a cool tower map! He did the design, now its time for you to do the Leg Work!