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Classic Play (d20)

Classic Play (d20)

The Classic Play hardback D20 supplements are designed to be at the forefront of each topic they cover, in terms of both quality and depth of coverage. Each takes a detailed look at one subject of interest to fantasy d20 gamers and explores it to the absolute limits. Nautical campaigns will never be the same again with the arrival of The Book of the Sea, a guide jam-packed full of ships, ports, trading rules and guidelines for going underwater. The Book of Dragons will allow you to play draconic encounters that your players will remember for years to come - no longer will Red Dragons quickly succumb to your players. And speaking of encounters, The Book of Encounters & Lairs is designed specifically for busy Games Masters, with many quick scenarios detailed within along with full-blown encounter tables that guarantee you are never caught short when your players wander off in an unexpected direction! For quality of content and coverage, there are no better books than those found amongst Classic Play.

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