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Book of The Sea

Condition: Fair
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Book of The Sea
Product Line: Classic Play (d20)
Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Publish Year: 2004
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.9"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148718404
Mfg. part #: MGP8805
Type: Hardcover


For a short voyage, the players and Games Master should begin by selecting a ship from the Ships of the Sea chapter, some fittings from the Equipment and Weaponry chapter, and a beginning crew from the Crew chapter, before braving the chapter on Travel by Sea. On the voyage, travelers may encounter Ports, Monsters or even Random Naval Encounters. Those on longer voyages should also refer to the Rum and the Lash, as well as the Ship's Log, as weeks or months at sea can try the will of the doughtiest sailor.

Those engaging in the lucrative practice of Trade should read the chapter of the same name, while those engaged in the far more destructive activity of war should consult Battles at Sea. Both might profit from Naval Magic, or even learning one of the Prestige Classes.

Those seeking their fate under the sea and going on Underwater Adventuring might purchase some Underwater Equipment before visiting the Undersea Realms and learning their strange Undersea Magic. A section on Campaigning closes out the book.

Classic Play is a new series of books from Mongoose Publishing, each examining an element of fantasy gaming in glorious detail. Each book contains new rules, new ideas and insightful essays to bring a particular aspect of the game to life in your campaign.