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Book of The Planes

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Classic Play (d20)

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Book of The Planes
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Gareth Hanrahan
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Go beyond the fields we know, into the realms of high fantasy and legend. The planes are a far grander stage for adventure than the mundane wilderness and dungeons of the world. Out there, the characters can walk with the gods themselves, delve into the foundations of the cosmos or quest in the lands of the dead, and be the deciding factor in the great wars of Good and Evil.

This is truly a place for heroes.

The Book of the Planes describes the myriad planes of existence in further detail, offering encounters, hazards and adventures in dozens of worlds. Beginning with the elemental planes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, we travel outwards through the transitive planes of the Ethereal, the Shadow Plane and the Dream plane to the wild Energy Planes of Positive and Negative Energy. Beyond them, we come to the wide gulf of the Astral which leads to the Outer Planes.

Ten entirely new outer planes are presented, along with suggestions on how to arrange them into a cosmology to suit your campaign.

· The Vault of Stars, where travelers walk amid the shining pools on the other side of the night sky.
· Tarassein, the shifting land of chaos.
· The dark realm known as Mâl, where ancient horrors are awakening.
· The hellish Infernum.
· The great Chasm where the condemned souls fall.
· The cold Halls of Order.
· The Afterworld, the estates of the faithful dead.
· The bright Firmament, the high heaven.
· The Questing Grounds, the realm of living stories.

Rules for describing planes according to a set of magical traits are also given, along with the secrets of the art of Planecrafting. Now characters can shape their own home planes or wreak havoc by changing the laws of reality.

Travelers do not walk the planes alone – there are all sorts of Fellow Travelers out there, world-spanning organizations with their own goals and conspiracies. Along with advice and new magic for traveling the planes, the wise traveler will consider using one of the Nexus Planes, pocket worlds that touch on all other planes.

Classic Play is a new series of books from Mongoose Publishing, each examining an element of fantasy gaming in glorious detail. Each book contains new rules, new ideas and insightful essays to bring a particular aspect of the game to life in your campaign.

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