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Book of Dragons

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Book of Dragons
Product Line: Classic Play (d20)
Publish Year: 2003
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.9"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: MGP8802
Type: Hardcover


The simplest adventure game is going into the dungeon, killing the monsters, and bringing back the treasure. Turn that monster into a dragon, and you've got a myth that has resonated through the centuries.

The Book of Dragons is designed to be the definitive guide to using dragons in a game. It complements but does not require the Slayer's Guide to Dragons and Encyclopedia Arcane: Dragon Magic.

The first half of this book traces the path of an adventuring party as they approach a dragon. The Desolation of the Dragon describes the region around a lair, and explores the effects dragons have on their environment. Watchers on the Mountain provides a system for tracking the progress of the party and the responses of the dragon and its servants. Servants of the Dragon has details on the various kinds of warriors and pawns used by dragons to defend their lairs and affect the mortal world.

Dragon Lairs has all the detail needed to design a dragon's lair, from a dank cave filled with rotting remains of previous adventurers to an ancient ruined city despoiled by the beast. When the party finally encounters the dragon, Flattery and Riddles lets them have a few last moments before the dragon employs its Tactics and Warfare to wipe them out.

If by some miracle the party survives, they can delve into the fabled Hoards of the dragons, or even into the carcass of their foe with reference to Anatomy of the Dragon.

After this, we move on to customizing dragons. Age Advancement presents a variant method for creating dragons especially skilled in warfare, or magic, or some other field of expertise. A selection of new Feats (with especially emphasis on the feared breath weapon) follows. The rules in those two chapters are then used as the basis of a system of Dragon Design.

The nightmarish fruits of that system are presented in New Dragons, ranging from the parasitical Sin Dragons to the noble Heraldic Dragon and chaotic Planar Dragons.

Dragon Magic has new spells and items for dragons (and their enemies). Lifecycle and the Heritage of Dragons delves into the physiology and history of the draconic species. Hatching and Raising Dragons examines the egg. Campaigning contains advice on using dragons in a game, as symbols, enemies, allies, mounts or even characters. Finally, a Mortal Miscellany deals with the response of the lesser races to the dragons.