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New Update Posted - Dungeon Crawl Classics, 7th Sea, Pugmire, Frostgrave, Bolt Action, 1866, Guam, Med Sirocco, Baldur's Gate, Dojo Kun, Catan

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and safe. Below you’ll find our next update, 2 weeks in the making, of new, used and rare games that we’ve brought in or acquired. I’ve highlighted the new releases below in a new streamlined form, and provided a link for those of you who wish to view the full update. I hope you see something you like.

To view this week's update, please click on the Noble Knight Games logo to the upper left. Please note that this update will only be viewable until the next one is posted.

Best Regards,
Aaron Leeder

Noble Knight Games
"Where the Out-of-Print is Available Again"

Role Playing Games

  • Middarmark for Torchbearer from The Burning Wheel
  • Battlemech Manual, Technical Readout Succession for Battletech & The Complete Trog for Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs
  • Conspire from Cherry Picker Games
  • London Bridge Has Fallen Down, Marvels of Mars & The Strange Land for Space 1889 from Clockwork Publishing
  • Protagonist Archive Vol. 1 for Fragged Empire from Design Ministries
  • Bulldogs! Red Star & Spacenoir – A Bulldogs from Galileo Games
  • Gen Con 2017 Program Guide w/2 DCCRPG Modules, Enter the Dagon, Neon Knights for Dungeon Crawl Classics & The Archmage’s Lost Hideaway for Fifth Edition Fantasy from Goodman Games
  • Monsters for Chill from Growling Door Games
  • Dreamchaser – A Game of Destiny from Imagining Games
  • Crescent Empire for 7th Sea from John Wick Presents
  • Follow for Microscope from Lame Mage Productions
  • Masks – Deck of Influence, Masks – Deck of Villainy & Urban Shadows – Dark Streets from Magpie Games
  • Revenge of the Horde – Monster Reference Deck (5e) from Nord Games
  • Pugmire – Core Rulebook, Pugmire Guide’s Screen & Pugmire Dice from Onyx Path Publishing
  • Cthulhu City & Out of the Woods for Trail of Cthulhu, Lions & Tigers & Owlbears for 13th Age from Pelgrane Press
  • Shadow, Sword & Spell – Basic Core Rulebook (2nd Edition) from Rogue Games
  • White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game from Seattle Hill Games
  • Ninja Burger Guaranteed Delivery Poster from Steve Jackson Games
  • Pip System Corebook from Third Eye Games
  • Cleric Spell Deck I, II, Sorcerer and Wizard Spell Deck I, II, Mystic Spell Deck I & Technomancer Spell Deck I for the Pathfinder System from Total Party Kill Games
  • Synthicide GM Screen from Will Power Games

    Miniatures & Miniatures Games

  • Army Dice for Drakerys & Sceneries Set A for Level 42 from Don’t Panic Games
  • Latari – Aymhelin Scion Unit Expansion, Latari – Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion, Latari – Leonx Riders Unit Expansion & Latari – Maegan Cyndewin Unit Expansion for Rune Wars from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Legendary Heroes – Red Mage from Games and Gears
  • Raptors/Warp Talons (2017 Edition), Start Collecting! – Dark Eldar (2017 Edition), Venom (2017 Edition), Blightlord Terminators, Foul Blightspawn, Cadre Fireblade (2017 Edition) and more from Games Workshop
  • Baichi, Shenzhiqi, Shuohuang, Xi, Yanjing, Ying-Jian & Yizhi for Bushido Miniatures from GCT Studios
  • Walking Dead – All Out War – Collector’s Edition from Mantic Entertainment
  • Frostgrave – Ghost Archipelago & Gaslands – Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat from Osprey
  • Barricades Set, Sandbag Wall Set & 32mm Round Base – Scrap Steel from Tabletop Art
  • Algoryn Armoured Infantry Command Squad & Algoryn Heavy Mag Cannon for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games
  • HeroClix Map – Train Station from WizKids
  • Union Steamfitters, Broken Promises (Softcover), Gremlin Criers, Cyclops & Tanuki from Wyrd Miniatures

    Historical Miniatures

  • Ruined Desert Houses, 37mm Anti-Tank Platoon & Mortar Platoon for Flames of War from Battlefront Miniatures
  • Russian Mig-19 for Warbirds 300 Series from Desktop Dioramas
  • Stuart for Tanks Miniatures Game from Gale Force Nine
  • Campaign – The Road to Berlin for Bolt Action from Osprey
  • Type 4 Ho-Ro Assault Gun & Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank for Bolt Action from Warlord Games

    Collectible Card Games

  • The Mountain of Fire for the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Ixalan Booster Box (Korean) from Wizards of the Coast

    War Games

  • Battle of 1866 – Blood & Iron from Avalanche Press
  • Guam – Return to Glory from Compass Games
  • Action Cards Expansion, Huge City Map Expansion, Solitaire Expansion, USMC/ANZAC Expansion & Night of Man Kickstarter Expansion from Flying Pig Games
  • Fields of Fire (2nd Edition) Med Sirocco & Enemy Coast Ahead – The Doolittle Raid from GMT Games
  • The Pacific War – From Pearl Harbor to Philippine Sea from Kokusai-Tsushin
  • Heroes of Normandy (2nd Printing), Heroes of the Falklands (2nd Printing), Heroes of the Motherland (2nd Printing) & Heroes of the Nam by Lock ‘n Load Publishing
  • Patton’s Vanguard & Red Typhoon from Revolution Games

    Board Games

  • Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate from Avalon Hill
  • Beeeees! From Action Phase Games
  • Dice Town (2nd Printing) & Dice Town – Cowboy Expansion from Asmodee Editions
  • Asking for Trobils & Sparkle Kitty from Breaking Games
  • Legend of the Sea Robbers (5th Edition) from Catan Studio
  • Dojo Kun from CoolMiniOrNot
  • Castellers! From Devir
  • Drinkopoly from Drinkopoly
  • Legend of the Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Guards Against Insanity – Asylum Pack, Guards Against Insanity – Edition 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 from Guards Against Insanity
  • Millenium Blades – Final Bosses Mini-Expansion & Millenium Blades – Fusion Chaos Mini-Expansion from Level 99 Games
  • Falling Stars – Beginner Game, Falling Stars – Map Pack 1 & 2 from Lock ‘n Load Publishing
  • Abandon Planet from Orange Machine Games
  • Crossfire from Plaid Hat Games
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Bunny Blanks & Killer Bunnies Quest Play Mats from Playroom Entertainment
  • Escape – The Curse of the Temple (Big Box Edition) (2nd Printing) from Queen Games
  • Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Games from Renegade Game Studio
  • Expansion #5 – Death Incarnate for Cutthroat Caverns from Smirk & Dagger
  • Nightmare Forest – Alien Invasion from Solar Flare Games
  • Car Wars Classic T-Shirt, Give Me the Brain T-Shirt, Mini Car Wars (2017 Edition), Illuminati Pin – Blue w/Red Eye, Illuminati Pin – Green, Munchkin Blank Cards & Munchkin Lite from Steve Jackson Games
  • Pyramid of the Sun from Strawberry Studio
  • Dark Moon – Shadow Corporation Expansions & Flamme Rouge (2nd Printing) from Stronghold Games
  • Fake New or Not? From Ultra Pro
  • Abductor Pack #6, Crime Wave & Demand Pack #1 for Hostage Negotiator from Van Ryder Games
  • Uprising Booster Box For Epic Card Game from White Wizard
  • The Expanse from WizKids