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Knight's Most Wanted - Call of Cthulhu Edition

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And now, we present to you a rotating selection of games our kingdom is temporarily paying a premium for, to help us keep our extensive range available to gamers worldwide. This list represents those items we currently seek, and what you can expect to receive in return.

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Call of Cthulhu Edition - Be sure to mention the Knight’s Most Wanted list to receive the bonus buy prices!
For pre-played copies of the games below, the item must be complete, in playable condition with all components, showing no writing, mold, mildew, or water damage in order to receive the bonus value payout.

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    New/Unplayed Condition
(Mint, Shrink wrapped, or Unpunched
(Very Good or better)
MFC Code Product Name Store Credit Price Cash Price Store Credit Price Cash Price
A la recherche de Kadath (Pursuit to Kadath)$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2342Adventures in Arkham Country (1st Printing)$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2342Adventures in Arkham Country (2nd Printing)$40.00$30.00$30.00$20.00
CAO2312Alone Against the Dark (1st Printing)$40.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2311Alone Against the Wendigo$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
PAG1000Alone On Halloween$70.00$50.00$50.00$35.00
PP00169Amerika - In Cities and Woods (German Edition)$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
Arkham Evil$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
CAO2325Arkham Unveiled$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2012Asylum & Other Tales$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2326At Your Door$25.00$15.00$15.00$10.00
CAO2377Before the Fall$35.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2380-HCBeyond the Mountains of Madness$175.00$135.00$135.00$105.00
CAO2380-SCBeyond the Mountains of Madness$150.00$110.00$105.00$80.00
CAO2381Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Antarctic Expedition Pack$115.00$85.00$100.00$75.00
CAO2340Blood Brothers II$35.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
PAG1014Bumps in the Night$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2351Cairo Guidebook$35.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2009-XCall of Cthulhu (1st Edition)$115.00$90.00$80.00$65.00
CAO2301-XCall of Cthulhu (2nd Edition)$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
Call of Cthulhu (2nd Edition, French Edition)$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
Call of Cthulhu (2nd Edition, Games Workshop Edition)$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
CAO23126Call of Cthulhu (30th Anniversary Collector's Edition)$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2301-X-83Call of Cthulhu (3rd Edition)$85.00$65.00$60.00$50.00
CAO2350-LECall of Cthulhu (5th Edition) (Limited Edition)$75.00$60.00$55.00$45.00
CAO2396Call of Cthulhu (6th Edition)$30.00$25.00$25.00$15.00
CAO2336-510Call of Cthulhu (Edition 5.1)$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
CAO2336-511Call of Cthulhu (Edition 5.1.1)$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
CAO2336-52Call of Cthulhu (Edition 5.2)$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
Call of Cthulhu Limited 20th Anniversary Edition:
Contributors Edition$300.00$250.00$225.00$175.00
Gen Con 2002, Farewell Milwaukee Edition$300.00$250.00$225.00$175.00
Miskatonic University Library Edition$450.00$350.00$270.00$210.00
Name Edition$300.00$250.00$225.00$175.00
CAO2350-LE-511Call of Cthulhu (Limited Edition Hardcover, Edition 5.1.1)$100.00$80.00$70.00$60.00
CAO23124Canis Mysterium$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
PAG1003Coming Full Circle$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2362Compact Trail of Tsathoggua$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
CAO2361-HCComplete Masks of Nyarlathotep (25th Anniversary Limited Edition)$70.00$55.00$50.00$40.00
Cthulhu 90 (French Edition)$125.00$95.00$90.00$70.00
CAO2314-XCthulhu by Gaslight (1st Edition)$75.00$60.00$55.00$45.00
CAO23115Cthulhu Invictus$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
CAO23119Cthulhu Invictus Companion$25.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
FFGCL-05Cthulhu Live - Delta Green$25.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO3306Curse of Cthulhu$40.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2306Curse of the Chthonians (1984 Printing)$35.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2374Day of the Beast$60.00$50.00$45.00$35.00
CAO23132Dead Light$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2373Dead Reckonings$55.00$40.00$40.00$30.00
PAG1008Delta Green - Countdown$60.00$50.00$45.00$35.00
PAG1013Delta Green - Eyes Only$60.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
PAG2103Delta Green - Eyes Only #1, Machinations of the Mi-Go$35.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
PAG2106Delta Green - Eyes Only #3, Project Rainbow$50.00$40.00$35.00$25.00
PAG2107Delta Green - Eyes Only (Limited Edition)$70.00$55.00$50.00$40.00
PAG2108Delta Green - Targets of Opportunity (Limited Edition)$105.00$80.00$75.00$60.00
PAG1005Delta Green (1st Edition)$65.00$50.00$50.00$35.00
PAG1010Delta Green (d20)$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
PAG1001Devil's Children$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO23148-15Doors to Darkness (NecronomiCon 2015 Edition)$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
CAO2368Dreaming Stone$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
TRE0004Dwellers in Shadow$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
TRE0005End of the World$25.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO2338Escape from Innsmouth (1st Edition)$70.00$55.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2371Escape from Innsmouth (2nd Edition)$50.00$40.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2335Fearful Passages$25.00$20.00$15.00$15.00
CAO2305Fungi from Yuggoth$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
Gamemaster's Pack - Screen Only!$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
Glozel Est Authentique!$25.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
PAG1004Golden Dawn$105.00$80.00$75.00$60.00
CAO8803H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham - Unveiling the Legend-Haunted City$35.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2315-XH.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands (1st Edition)$85.00$65.00$60.00$45.00
CAO3302H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands (2nd Edition)$25.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
CAO23112H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands (5th Edition)$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO8804H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport - The City in the Mists$45.00$30.00$30.00$25.00
CAO2331Horror On The Orient Express (1st Edition)$115.00$85.00$85.00$60.00
CAO23130Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition)$210.00$165.00$150.00$115.00
Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition, 1st Class Kickstarter Edition)$125.00$95.00$90.00$70.00
Horror on the Orient Express (2nd Edition, Kickstarter Edition)$185.00$145.00$135.00$105.00
CAO5108Keeper's Kit w/The Dead-Man Stomp$15.00$10.00$10.00$5.00
CAO23144Keeper's Screen - Horror on the Orient Express$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2309Keeper's Screen (1st Edition)$20.00$15.00$15.00$10.00
CAO23120Keeper's Screen w/Mythos Vale Mecum Poster$40.00$30.00$30.00$20.00
L'appel de Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu 4th Edition)$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
L'appel de Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition) (French Edition)$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
Le Rejeton d' Azathoth (Spawn of Azathoth) (French Edition)$80.00$60.00$55.00$45.00
MRP0009Legacy of Arrius Lurco$50.00$40.00$35.00$30.00
Les Annees Folles (The Crazy Years)$250.00$195.00$180.00$140.00
Les Masques de Nyarlathotep (Masks of Nyarlathotep) (French Edition)$60.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
Les Oeufs de Karlatt (The Eggs of Karlatt) (French Edition)$95.00$75.00$70.00$55.00
CAO6057Madness on the Orient Express$20.00$15.00$15.00$10.00
CAO23102SLEMalleus Monstrorum (Limited Edition)$115.00$85.00$85.00$60.00
CAO2307-XMasks of Nyarlathotep (1st Edition)$65.00$50.00$45.00$35.00
CAO3304Masks of Nyarlathotep (2nd Edition)$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO23118HMasks of Nyarlathotep (Limited Edition)$95.00$75.00$70.00$55.00
OWC4003Midnight Harvest$15.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
CAO0419Missed Dues - Gen Con 2013 Adventures for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
More Adventures in Arkham Country$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
PAG1007Mortal Coils$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
PAG1012Mysteries of Mesoamerica$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
MRP0003New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley$35.00$25.00$25.00$15.00
MM301031Nightmare in Norway$70.00$55.00$50.00$40.00
FFGCC04Nocturnum Master Collection$40.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
MRP0005Our Ladies of Sorrow$95.00$75.00$70.00$55.00
OWC4006Peculiar Pentad, A$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
Pursuit to Kadath$15.00$10.00$10.00$5.00
PAG1006Realm of Shadows$40.00$30.00$30.00$20.00
Realm of Shadows - Player Aid Kit$100.00$80.00$70.00$60.00
PAG2100Resurrected #1 - Grace Under Pressure$55.00$45.00$40.00$30.00
S. Petersen's Field Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands (French Edition)$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO5105S. Petersen's Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
CAO2392Secrets of Japan$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
CAO23109Secrets of Kenya$40.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
CAO23129Secrets of Tibet$45.00$35.00$35.00$25.00
CAO2010Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (1st Edition, 1st Printing)$35.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
CAO2316-XSpawn of Azathoth$65.00$50.00$45.00$35.00
CAO23101Spawn of Azathoth$45.00$35.00$30.00$25.00
Stark Raving Mad! - Ten Years of Call of Cthulhu (Limited Edition)$110.00$85.00$80.00$60.00
CAO2318Statue of the Sorcerer & The Vanishing Conjurer$15.00$15.00$10.00$10.00
CAO6054Steampunk Cthulhu$20.00$15.00$15.00$10.00
CAO2354Taint of Madness$25.00$20.00$15.00$15.00
Tales of Terror (2nd Printing)$110.00$85.00$80.00$60.00
MRP0011Tales of the Sleepless City$125.00$95.00$90.00$70.00
MM101029Trail of the Loathsome Slime$20.00$15.00$15.00$10.00
CAO2308Trail of Tsathogghua$30.00$20.00$20.00$15.00
PAG1002Walker in the Wastes$105.00$80.00$75.00$60.00
Walker in the Wastes - Player Aid Kit$120.00$95.00$85.00$65.00
Weapons Compendium$160.00$125.00$115.00$90.00
TRE0003Whispers in the Dark$40.00$30.00$25.00$20.00