Knight's Most Wanted - TSR

Paying premium bounties for the games we're hunting (full list with buy prices below)

Got games you're no longer playing?
Need some shelf space for new ones? At Noble Knight Games, we're always interested in paying you cash or store credit for your pre-owned games, books, miniatures, cards, and more. That's part of how we came to have the largest selection of games in the world, with vintage out of print titles no one else has!

Knight's Most Wanted
And now, we present to you a rotating selection of games our kingdom is temporarily paying a premium for, to help us keep our extensive range available to gamers worldwide. This list represents those items we currently seek, and what you can expect to receive in return.

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Fear not, for we are always buying not only the items below, but anything else you'd like to turn into cash or store credit.

How can I take advantage of this offer?
To complete a trade with us, click here or send an email to with your list of items and their conditions. Feel free to include items not on the buy list. Our trade specialists will then review your lists and provide additional offers if applicable. If your list is estimated over $100 value, we'll even cover the shipping costs to send them our way on our FedEx account! And remember, we also offer free shipping on all orders over $149.00 (USA only) so if you are trading in for new games, you can get free shipping both ways! Store drop-offs are also accepted if you live near our castle. See store hours and location

This week's Knights Most Wanted list – TSR!

  • Although unlikely, we will notify you upon receiving the quote if there are any items we are no longer accepting.
  • There are many items that we are very interested in which do not appear on this list as we have never had them previously. This includes items like Anniversary Combo Packs and TSR ephemera such as apparel, older advertisement posters, store displays, pens, pins, chess sets, and more! We would be thrilled to provide premium quotes on any of these types of items even if they do not appear in our list.
  • All items must be complete, with all associated maps, slipcovers, divider cards and other materials, in order to receive KMW pricing.
  • Printings must be the exact printing(s) we have we listed in order to receive KMW pricing. If you are unsure which printing you have, please let us know and we will be happy help you identify it!
  • Some select items will have high "Elite Rare" offer prices on Near Mint copies, such as the Dungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition, 1st Printing, Efreet Cover). These items must be in near perfect condition in order to receive the KMW pricing.
  • This list contains a few items where we are interested in purchasing New condition copies, but not offering KMW pricing for Near Mint or used condition copies.
  • Items such as the Dungeon Master's Adventures Log and Character sheets must be completely unused, with no writing, and contain all sheets in order to receive KMW pricing. We are happy to provide quotes on these items if they are partially used, but contain unused sheets as well.
  • Items must be in their original shrink-wrap in order to receive KMW New condition pricing.
  • LJN Action figures must be in original packing to receive KMW pricing. Packaging must have no marks with a clear, unbroken blister to receive New condition pricing. The packaging must have a clear, unbroken blister with very minimal wear to receive Near Mint condition pricing. We are happy to provide quotes on figures with damaged packaging or loose figures as well.
  • Items that included cards and/or counters must be unpunched and uncut to qualify for KMW Near Mint pricing.
  • Last but not least, we are also looking for non-English language versions of all D&D items!

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See previous list - White Wolf & Onyx Path – Last Chance!
(Shrinkwrapped / Sealed
Near Mint
(Very Good or better)
MFC Code Product Name Store Credit Cash Store Credit Cash Store Credit Cash

TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - Assorted
Jade Hare, The (w/Cover Edition)$12,500.00$10,000.00$8,000.00$6,500.00$6,000.00$5,000.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
D&D 10th Anniversary Collector's Set$7,500.00$6,000.00$3,500.00$2,800.00$2,800.00$2,200.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - B Series
TSR9044Palace of the Silver Princess (1st Printing, Orange, Banned/Recalled Edition)$5,000.00$4,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00$3,200.00$2,500.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - Assorted
TSR6065Black Opal Eye$2,000.00$1,600.00$1,500.00$1,200.00$1,000.00$800.00
TSR - LJN Action Figures
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures
TSR6063Doc's Island$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6062Egg of the Phoenix, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6067Elixir of Life, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6066Forgotten King, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6061Investigation of Hydell, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6060To the Aid of Falx$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$400.00$320.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
TSR2002D&D - Original White Box (6th Printing, Collector's Edition)$1,000.00$800.00$300.00$250.00$200.00$160.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Core Books, Box Sets & Miscellaneous
TSR2019SDungeoneer's Survival Guide w/Dark and Hidden Ways$875.00$700.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR2020Wilderness Survival Guide w/Wild Things$875.00$700.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - LJN Action Figures
TSR5029Umber Hulk and Dungeon Treasure$600.00$500.00$500.00$400.00N/AN/A
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st Printing)N/AN/A$12,500.00$10,000.00$8,000.00$6,500.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - C Series
Ghost Tower of Inverness, The (Limited Edition Collector's Edition, Dungeon Master's Copy!)N/AN/A$6,000.00$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$6,000.00$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - C Series
Ghost Tower of Inverness, The (Limited Edition Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,500.00$2,800.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (3rd Printing)N/AN/A$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,000.00$2,500.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - C Series
Lost Tamoachan (Limited Edition Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$4,000.00$3,200.00$3,200.00$2,600.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures
Doc's Island (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$3,500.00$3,000.00$3,000.00$2,500.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Core Books, Box Sets & Miscellaneous
TSR2011-1STDungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition, 1st Printing, Efreet Cover)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR2009-1STMonster Manual (1st Cover, 1st Printing w/Red Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR2010-T1STPlayer's Handbook (1st Cover, Idol Cover, 1st Printing w/White Flyleaf, True 1st Printing)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures
Egg of the Phoenix, The (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$2,500.00$2,000.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - Assorted
Up the Garden PathN/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$2,500.00$2,000.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures
Investigation of Hydell, The (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$2,500.00$2,000.00$2,000.00$1,600.00
To the Aid of Falx (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$2,500.00$2,000.00$2,000.00$1,600.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
TSRF115-RDungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (1st Printing w/Blank Bottom Box, True 1st Printing)N/AN/A$2,000.00$1,600.00$800.00$650.00
TSR - Planescape
Planescape SketchbookN/AN/A$2,000.00$1,600.00$1,600.00$1,300.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Core Books, Box Sets & Miscellaneous
TSR2010-1STPlayer's Handbook (1st Cover, Idol Cover, 1st Printing w/Yellow Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$1,500.00$1,200.00$300.00$250.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #01 - #50
#1 "Premiere Issue!"N/AN/A$1,500.00$1,200.00$800.00$650.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
D&D - Original White Box (4th Printing)N/AN/A$1,000.00$800.00$600.00$500.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Sourcebooks & Accessories
TSRF-1009Character Record Sheets (1977 Pad Edition, 1st Printing)N/AN/A$750.00$600.00$600.00$500.00
TSR - Miscellaneous Promos, Calendars, Clothing and Rare, Obscure Items
Twenty Years of TSRN/AN/A$750.00$600.00$600.00$500.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Sourcebooks & Accessories
TSR9014-79Character Record Sheets (1979 Pad Edition w/1977 Copyright Date)N/AN/A$600.00$500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Core Books, Box Sets & Miscellaneous
TSR2013-P1Deities & Demigods (1st Printing w/Cthulhu & Melnibonean Mythoi)N/AN/A$500.00$400.00$125.00$100.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Sourcebooks & Accessories
TSR9014-2NDCharacter Record Sheets (Pad Edition, 2nd Printing)N/AN/A$500.00$400.00$400.00$320.00

TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Core Books, Box Sets & Miscellaneous
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Play By Mail Game$210.00$170.00$160.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
TSR8443Art of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game, TheN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR9122Bloodstone Pass$450.00$360.00$175.00$140.00$36.00$28.00
TSR2013-P1Deities & Demigods (1st Printing w/Cthulhu & Melnibonean Mythoi)N/AN/A$500.00$400.00$125.00$100.00
TSR2013-P3Deities & Demigods (3rd-5th PrintingsN/AN/A$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00
TSR9036-1STDungeon Master's Adventure Log (1st Printing, Wizard Logo)$150.00$120.00$40.00$32.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9036-2NDDungeon Master's Adventure Log (2nd-5th Printing, Wizard Logo)$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9234-1STDungeon Master's Design Kit (1st Printing)$70.00$55.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2011-1STDungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition, 1st Printing, Efreet Cover)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR2011-3ADungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition, 3rd Alpha Printing)N/AN/A$100.00$80.00$60.00$50.00
TSR2011-6aDungeon Master's Guide (1st Edition, 6th-7th Printings, Efreet Cover)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$30.00$25.00
TSR2011-C2-ORADungeon Master's Guide (2nd Cover, Orange)N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$25.00$20.00
TSR9024-1STDungeon Master's Screen (1st Printing, Blank Cover)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$40.00$32.00
TSR2019SDungeoneer's Survival Guide w/Dark and Hidden Ways$875.00$700.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR2012Fiend FolioN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8001-P1Hex Pad (1st Printing)$225.00$180.00$125.00$100.00$90.00$70.00
TSR8001-2NDHex Pad (2nd Printing)$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$65.00$50.00
TSR2022-1STManual of the Planes (1st Printing)N/AN/A$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR2022Manual of the Planes (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR2009-1STMonster Manual (1st Cover, 1st Printing w/Red Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR2009-2NDMonster Manual (1st Cover, 2nd Printing w/Red Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$225.00$180.00$90.00$70.00
TSR2009-6THMonster Manual (1st Cover, 6th Printing)N/AN/A$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR2009-79Monster Manual (2nd Cover, Orange Spine)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$28.00$22.00
TSR9030-1Non-Player Character Records (1st Printing)$90.00$70.00$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR2018-1Oriental Adventures (1st Printing)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$30.00$24.00
TSR2018-2Oriental Adventures (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9028-79-1STPlayer Character Record Sheets (1979 Edition, 1st Printing, Purple Cover)$150.00$120.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9028-79-2NDPlayer Character Record Sheets (1979 Edition, 2nd Printing, Pink Cover)$150.00$120.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9028-81-1STPlayer Character Record Sheets (1981 Edition, 1st Printing, Pastel Red)$100.00$80.00$28.00$22.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9028-81-2NDPlayer Character Record Sheets (1981 Edition, 2nd Printing, Pastel Red)$100.00$80.00$28.00$22.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9028-81-3RDPlayer Character Record Sheets (1981 Edition, 3rd Printing, Pastel Red)$100.00$80.00$28.00$22.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9028Player Character Record Sheets (REF2)$125.00$100.00$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR2010-T1STPlayer's Handbook (1st Cover, Idol Cover, 1st Printing w/White Flyleaf, True 1st Printing)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR2010-1STPlayer's Handbook (1st Cover, Idol Cover, 1st Printing w/Yellow Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$1,500.00$1,200.00$300.00$250.00
TSR2010-2NDPlayer's Handbook (1st Cover, Idol Cover, 2nd Printing w/Yellow Fly Leaf)N/AN/A$150.00$120.00$60.00$50.00
TSR2010Player's Handbook (2nd Cover, Orange Spine)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9031-2PRogues Gallery, The (2nd-5th Printings)$70.00$55.00$28.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2017-1STUnearthed Arcana (1st Printing)N/AN/A$150.00$120.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2020Wilderness Survival GuideN/AN/A$50.00$40.00$22.00$18.00
TSR2020Wilderness Survival Guide w/Wild Things$875.00$700.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures
TSR9057Assassin's Knot, The$100.00$80.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9203Blood of the Yakuza$125.00$100.00$55.00$42.00$28.00$22.00
TSR9124Conan - Against Darkness$60.00$50.00$40.00$32.00$18.00$15.00
TSR6063Doc's Island$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
Doc's Island (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$3,500.00$3,000.00$3,000.00$2,500.00
TSR6062Egg of the Phoenix, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
Egg of the Phoenix, The (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$2,500.00$2,000.00
TSR6067Elixir of Life, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6066Forgotten King, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
TSR6061Investigation of Hydell, The$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$500.00$400.00
Investigation of Hydell, The (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$2,500.00$2,000.00$2,000.00$1,600.00
TSR9073Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, The$70.00$55.00$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9104Midnight on Dagger Alley - Must include viewer$70.00$55.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9183Red Sonja Unconquered$175.00$140.00$100.00$80.00$70.00$55.00
TSR9045Secret of Bone Hill, The (All Printings)$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9225Tales of the Outer PlanesN/AN/A$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9147-1Temple of Elemental Evil, The (All Printings)N/AN/A$100.00$80.00$35.00$30.00
TSR6060To the Aid of Falx$1,000.00$800.00$750.00$600.00$400.00$320.00
To the Aid of Falx (Pre-Publication Edition)N/AN/A$2,500.00$2,000.00$2,000.00$1,600.00
TSR9026-P1Village of Hommlet, The (1st-3rd Printings, Pastel)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9026-P4Village of Hommlet, The (All Green Cover Printings)$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - A Series
TSR9167Scourge of the Slave LordsN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$50.00$40.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - C Series
TSR9109Bane of Llywelyn, The$75.00$60.00$40.00$32.00$18.00$15.00
Ghost Tower of Inverness, The (Limited Edition Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,500.00$2,800.00
Ghost Tower of Inverness, The (Limited Edition Collector's Edition, Dungeon Master's Copy!)N/AN/A$6,000.00$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00
Lost Tamoachan (Limited Edition Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$4,000.00$3,200.00$3,200.00$2,600.00
TSR9206Official RPGA Tournament Handbook, The$55.00$42.00$10.00$8.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - D, G & Q Series
Descent into the Depths of the Earth (Australian Edition)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
TSR9059-1PDescent into the Depths of the Earth (D1-2 Edition, All Printings)$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9035-P1Queen of the Demonweb Pits (1st Printing)$250.00$200.00$40.00$32.00$18.00$15.00
Shrine of the Kuo-Toa (Australian Printing)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
TSRD2Shrine of the Kuo-Toa (Games Workshop/UK Edition)N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$80.00$65.00
TSRG1Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (Games Workshop/UK Edition)N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$80.00$65.00
Vault of the Drow (Australian Edition, Purple)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
TSRD3Vault of the Drow (Games Workshop/UK Edition)N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$80.00$65.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - I Series
TSR9202Adventure Pack IN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9152Baltron's Beacon$100.00$80.00$45.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR9178Day of Al'Akbar$100.00$80.00$45.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR9169Ravager of Time$100.00$80.00$45.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR9181Ravenloft II - The House on Gryphon Hill$100.00$80.00$45.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - N Series
TSR9163Destiny of Kings$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9084Forest Oracle, The$70.00$55.00$28.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9185Treasure Hunt$70.00$55.00$28.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - S Series
TSR9027-1White Plume Mountain (1st-3rd Printings, Pastel)N/AN/A$70.00$55.00$28.00$22.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) - Modules & Adventures - U & UK Series
TSR9126All That Glitters$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9066Beyond the Crystal Cave$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9064-82Danger at Dunwater, The$70.00$55.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR9151Dark Clouds Gather$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9076Final Enemy, The$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9111Gauntlet, The$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9062-81Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, The (1st-4th Printings)$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9120When a Star Falls$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Box Sets
TSR1167AD&D - The Complete Starter Set (Large Yellow Box)$105.00$85.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR11523Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (Large Box Edition)$44.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR11450Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (Small Box Edition)$44.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1134Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game (1st Printing)$125.00$100.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1135Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game (2nd Printing)$105.00$85.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1145Rod of Seven Parts, The$125.00$100.00$45.00$36.00$32.00$25.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Dungeon Master's Books
TSR2112Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb GuideN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2144Complete Book of Villains, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR02144Complete Book of Villains, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2133Creative CampaigningN/AN/A$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9407Deck of Encounters - Set #1$100.00$80.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9423-1PDeck of Magical Items (1st Printing)$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9423-2PDeck of Magical Items (2nd Printing)$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2100Dungeon Master's Guide (All Printings)N/AN/A$20.00$15.00$14.00$12.00
TSR2156-P1Dungeon Master's Option - High Level Campaigns (1st Printing)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR2156-P2Dungeon Master's Option - High Level Campaigns (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9263-1Dungeon Master's Screen w/Terrible Trouble at Tragidore (1st Printing)$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2128Monster MythologyN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Modules & Adventures
TSR11347Axe of the Dwarvish LordsN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9522Beholder Trilogy, The #1 - Eye of Pain$25.00$22.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9530Beholder Trilogy, The #2 - Eye of Doom$25.00$22.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9536Beholder Trilogy, The #3 - Eye to Eye$25.00$22.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9471Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga, The$55.00$45.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9515Den of Thieves$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR11662Die Vecna Die!N/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Fast-Play Game - The Ruined TowerN/AN/A$80.00$65.00$65.00$50.00
TSR9534Hero's Tale, A$55.00$45.00$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9572Illithid Trilogy, The #3 - Dawn of the Overmind$55.00$45.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9568Moonlight Madness$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9428Tales of Enchantment$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9518Treasure Tales$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR11326Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils, TheN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSRB0000778Wand of Archeal (RPGA)N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$5.00$4.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Monstrous Compendiums, Miscellaneous & Accessories
TSR2118Monstrous Compendium - Outer Planes Appendix$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
TSR2158Monstrous Compendium Annual #2N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR2166Monstrous Compendium Annual #3N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR2102-1Monstrous Compendium Volume #1 (1st Printing)$90.00$70.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2102-2Monstrous Compendium Volume #1 (2nd Printing)$90.00$70.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2140Monstrous Manual (1st Printing, White Cover)N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
TSR2140-P2Monstrous Manual (2nd Printing, White Cover)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Player's Guides & Books
TSR2148-P1Complete Barbarian's Handbook, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR2148-P2Complete Barbarian's Handbook, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2124-P1Complete Book of Dwarves, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2131-P1Complete Book of Elves, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
TSR2131-P2Complete Book of Elves, The (2nd+ Printing)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
TSR2134-P1Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings, The (All Printings)N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2135-P1Complete Book of Humanoids, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$8.00$7.00
TSR2135-P2Complete Book of Humanoids, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$8.00$6.00
TSR2150-P1Complete Druid's Handbook, The (All Printings)N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2155-P1Complete Ninja's Handbook, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2147-P1Complete Paladin's Handbook, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$20.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2147-P2Complete Paladin's Handbook, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$20.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2111-P1Complete Thief's Handbook, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR2111-P2Complete Thief's Handbook, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9458Deck of Psionic Powers$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1112Fighter's Player Pack$125.00$100.00$60.00$50.00$44.00$36.00
TSR2149-P1Player's Option - Combat & Tactics (1st Printing)N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$10.00$8.00
TSR2149-P2Player's Option - Combat & Tactics (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR11421Priest's Spell Compendium #2N/AN/A$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR11611Priest's Spell Compendium #3N/AN/A$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1115Thief's Player Pack$90.00$70.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR1113Wizard's Player Pack$90.00$70.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Silver Anniversary Box Set & Modules
TSR11549Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition$250.00$200.00$125.00$100.00$105.00$85.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition) - Sourcebooks
TSR9408Age of Heroes SourcebookN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR2138-P1Book of Artifacts (1st Printing)N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9479Castle SitesN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9482-95Country Sites$44.00$36.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9469Crusades Campaign Sourcebook, TheN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$44.00$36.00
TSR9425Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook, TheN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR11431Guide to HellN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR2108-1Legends & Lore (1st Printing)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2108-2Legends & Lore (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2170Of Ships and the SeaN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$44.00$36.00
TSR9380Rogues' Gallery$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR9322Vikings Campaign SourcebookN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures - Blister Packs
TSR5614Black Dragon - Onyx$18.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5611Firbolg & Broobrie$10.00$8.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR8373-GULGully Dwarves, The$9.00$7.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5616Hill Giants$12.00$10.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR8377-LORLord Soth$18.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5708Magic Users$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5713Monks and Bards$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5603Ogre & Cyclopskin$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5609Owlbear and Polar Bear$9.00$7.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5617Stone Giants$9.00$7.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5710Thieves and Assassins$9.00$7.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5613White Dragon - Sleet$18.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5615Young Brass Dragon - Blaize$18.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures - Boxed Sets
TSR5306Basic Figure Set$125.00$100.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR5405Dragonlance Set #1$55.00$42.00$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
TSR5310Expert Figure Set$125.00$100.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR5305Monster Tribes$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR5307RPGA Figure Set #1$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$60.00$50.00
TSR - Adventure Gamebooks
TSR8014Car Wars #1- Battle RoadN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8015Car Wars #2 - Fuel's GoldN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8016Car Wars #3 - DueltrackN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8017Car Wars #4 - Badlands RunN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8018Car Wars #5 - Green Circle BluesN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8019Car Wars #6 - Mean StreetsN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8962Curse of the WerewolfN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8960Dragonlance - Lords of DoomN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8966Dragonlance - Shadow over NordmaarN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8954Dragonlance - The SoulforgeN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8963Gates of DeathN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8959Kingdom of Sorcery #2 - The Sorcerer's CrownN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8022-AMarvel #2 - Captain America, Rocket's Red GlareN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8956Master of RavenloftN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8958Nightmare Realm of Baba YagaN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8968Prince of ThievesN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8957Sceptre of PowerN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8083Sniper! - Blast Out In LebanonN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8084Sniper! - Into ChinaN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8085Sniper! - KGB DoublecrossN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8087Sniper! - Libyan StrikeN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8086Sniper! - Ultra DeadlyN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8082Sniper! - Viet RampageN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8955Test of the NinjaN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8964Trail SinisterN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8965Vanishing City, TheN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR - Al-Qadim
Al-Qadim Art Prints & AdvertisementN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$44.00$36.00
TSR2146-94Complete Sha'ir's Handbook, TheN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Amazing Engine
TSR2702-COMBOAmazing Engine Core Rules & BugHunters (Combo Pack)$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR2705Amazing Engine Core Rules & For Faerie Queen and Country (Combo Pack)$10.00$8.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR2708Metamorphosis Alpha to OmegaN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules
TSRF116-R-1UKBasic Rulebook (UK Edition, 1st Printing)N/AN/A$225.00$180.00$150.00$120.00
Basic Rulebook (UK Edition, 2nd Printing)N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$80.00$65.00
TSR1106Classic Dungeons and Dragons Game, The$175.00$140.00$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00
TSR1013-1Companion Rules Set (All Printings)$225.00$180.00$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
D&D - Original White Box (4th Printing)N/AN/A$1,000.00$800.00$600.00$500.00
TSR2002D&D - Original White Box (6th Printing, Collector's Edition)$1,000.00$800.00$300.00$250.00$200.00$160.00
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st Printing)N/AN/A$12,500.00$10,000.00$8,000.00$6,500.00
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$6,000.00$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00
D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (3rd Printing)N/AN/A$5,000.00$4,000.00$3,000.00$2,500.00
D&D 10th Anniversary Collector's Set$7,500.00$6,000.00$3,500.00$2,800.00$2,800.00$2,200.00
TSR1011-12Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (12th Printing, Red Box)$175.00$140.00$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00
TSRF115-RDungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (1st Printing w/Blank Bottom Box, True 1st Printing)N/AN/A$2,000.00$1,600.00$800.00$650.00
TSRF115-RDungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (1st Printing, Lizard Logo)N/AN/A$400.00$320.00$250.00$200.00
TSR1001-2Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (2nd Printing, Lizard Logo)N/AN/A$280.00$225.00$175.00$140.00
TSR1001-3Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (3rd Printing w/B1 & Lizard Logo)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1001-4Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (4th Printing w/B1 & Lizard Logo)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1001-5Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (5th-6th Printings w/B1 & Wizard Logo)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1012-1Expert Rules Set (1st Printing w/X1 & Erol Otus Cover)$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00
TSR1012-2Expert Rules Set (2nd Printing w/X1 & Erol Otus Cover)$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1012-3Expert Rules Set (3rd Printing w/X1 & Erol Otus Cover)$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR1012-4Expert Rules Set (4th Printing w/X1 & Erol Otus Cover)$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR1012-5THExpert Rules Set (5th Printing w/X1 & Larry Elmore Cover)$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$36.00$28.00
TSR1012-68Expert Rules Set (6th-8th Printings w/X1 & Larry Elmore Cover)$105.00$85.00$55.00$45.00$25.00$22.00
TSR2003-1THSupplement #1 - Greyhawk (11th/12th Printings)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2003-1STSupplement #1 - Greyhawk (1st Printing)N/AN/A$400.00$320.00$200.00$160.00
TSR2003-2NDGKSupplement #1 - Greyhawk (2nd Printing, GK Logo)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$55.00$42.00
TSR2003-2NDLLSupplement #1 - Greyhawk (2nd Printing, Lizard Logo)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$55.00$42.00
TSR2004-1STSupplement #2 - Blackmoor (1st Printing)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$105.00$85.00
TSR2005-1STSupplement #3 - Eldritch Wizardry (1st Printing)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$105.00$85.00
TSR2006-1STSupplement #4 - Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes (1st Printing)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$65.00$50.00
TSR2006-23Supplement #4 - Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes (2nd/3rd Printings)N/AN/A$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00
Swords & Spells (1st Printing)N/AN/A$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00
TSR1082Wrath of the Immortals$300.00$250.00$150.00$120.00$80.00$65.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Gazetteers
TSR9306Atruaghin Clans, The$125.00$100.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - Assorted
TSR9172Adventures in Blackmoor$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR9207Best of Intentions, The$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR6065Black Opal Eye$2,000.00$1,600.00$1,500.00$1,200.00$1,000.00$800.00
TSR9108Blade of Vengeance$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9067Blizzard Pass$55.00$42.00$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9363Character and Monster Assortment Pack$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9272Dymrak Dread, The$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9271Eye of Traldar$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9204Five Coins for a Kingdom$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9159Into the Maelstrom$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9259Jade Hare, The (Coverless Edition)N/AN/A$265.00$210.00$175.00$140.00
Jade Hare, The (w/Cover Edition)$12,500.00$10,000.00$8,000.00$6,500.00$6,000.00$5,000.00
TSR9121Kidnapping of Princess Arelina, The$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9434Knight of Newts, The$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR9060Maze of the Riddling Minotaur$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9114Quest for the Heartstone$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9342Quest for the Silver Sword$55.00$42.00$18.00$14.00$14.00$10.00
TSR9145Revenge of Rusak, The$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9387Sword and Shield$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9214Talons of Night$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9175Temple of the Frog$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9357Thunder Rift$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9157Thunderdelve Mountain$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9174Twilight Calling$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
Up the Garden PathN/AN/A$3,000.00$2,500.00$2,500.00$2,000.00
TSR9148Vengeance of Alphaks$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - B Series
TSR9097Ghost of Lion Castle$65.00$50.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR9078Horror on the Hill$100.00$80.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9106-84Journey to the Rock$125.00$100.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$32.00
TSR9149Night's Dark Terror$300.00$250.00$150.00$120.00$120.00$100.00
TSR9044Palace of the Silver Princess (1st Printing, Orange, Banned/Recalled Edition)$5,000.00$4,000.00$4,000.00$3,200.00$3,200.00$2,500.00
TSR9044-P2Palace of the Silver Princess (2nd Printing, Green)$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9044Palace of the Silver Princess (4th Printing, Green)$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9086Veiled Society, The$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - CM Series
TSR9119Sabre River$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9117Test of the Warlords$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9158Where Chaos Reigns$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Modules & Adventures - X Series
TSR9218Crown of Ancient Glory$125.00$100.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$30.00
TSR9056Curse of Xanathon (2nd Printing)$70.00$55.00$42.00$34.00$10.00$9.00
TSR9127Drums on Fire Mountain, The$70.00$55.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9082Lathan's Gold$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9165Saga of the Shadow Lord$125.00$100.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9129Savage Coast, The$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9069Temple of Death$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR9079War Rafts of Kron, The$70.00$55.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Sourcebooks & Accessories
TSRF-1009Character Record Sheets (1977 Pad Edition, 1st Printing)N/AN/A$750.00$600.00$600.00$500.00
TSR9014-79Character Record Sheets (1979 Pad Edition w/1977 Copyright Date)N/AN/A$600.00$500.00$500.00$400.00
TSR9014-2NDCharacter Record Sheets (Pad Edition, 2nd Printing)N/AN/A$500.00$400.00$400.00$320.00
TSR9099Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure$70.00$55.00$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9277Creature Crucible #3 - The Sea People$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9048Dungeon Geomorphs Set #1-3 - Basic Dungeons, Caves & Caverns, Lower Dungeons$75.00$60.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9437Dungeon Master's Screen w/Escape from Thunder Rift$125.00$100.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9404Eastern Countries Trail Map, The$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$28.00$22.00
TSR9011Monster & Treasure Assortment Set #1 - Levels 1-3 (2nd Printing, Wizard Logo)$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSRF1007Monster & Treasure Assortment Set #2 - Levels 4-6 (1st Printing)$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9012-4THMonster & Treasure Assortment Set #2 - Levels 4-6 (4th Printing)$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSRF1005Outdoor Geomorphs Set #1 - Walled City (1st Printing, Lizard Logo)$225.00$180.00$125.00$100.00$70.00$55.00
TSR9037-AC5Player Character Record Sheets (AC5)$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00$65.00$50.00
TSR9037-BPlayer Character Record Sheets (Pastel Blue Cover)$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$32.00
TSR - Birthright
TSR3100Birthright Campaign Setting$175.00$140.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR3129Havens of the Great Bay$100.00$80.00$55.00$45.00$40.00$32.00
TSR3125Legends of the Hero-KingsN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$7.00$6.00
TSR3123Player's Secrets of Khourane$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR3124Player's Secrets of Tuarhievel$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR3121Rjurik Highlands, The$100.00$80.00$55.00$45.00$36.00$28.00
TSR3147Tribes of the Heartless Waste$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR - Board Games
TSR1069AD&D (2nd Edition) - Trivia Game$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR1022All My Children$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00$5.00$4.00
TSR5005Awful Green Things From Outer Space, The (2nd Printing)$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR1035Bullwinkle and Rocky$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSRF103-1CDungeon! (1st Edition, 1st Printing, Color Version)N/AN/A$90.00$70.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1076Dungeons & Dragons Board Game - The Goblin's Lair$105.00$85.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1081Dungeons & Dragons Board Game - The Haunted Tower$105.00$85.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$42.00
TSR1059Fantasy Forest$175.00$140.00$90.00$70.00$60.00$50.00
TSR1036I Think You Think I Think$12.00$10.00$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR1058Mage Stones$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR6920Marvel Super Dice Game$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR1038Mertwig's Maze$90.00$70.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR1016Quest for the Dungeon Master$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR4003Revolt on AntaresN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00
TSR4006Saga - Age of HeroesN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR4008Viking GodsN/AN/A$30.00$24.00$18.00$15.00
TSRF116Warlocks & Warriors (1st Printing)$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR1003Warlocks & Warriors (2nd Printing)$70.00$55.00$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00
TSR1052Web of Gold$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Boot Hill
TSR7703Ballots & Bullets$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
Boot Hill (1st Edition, 1st Printing)N/AN/A$250.00$200.00$100.00$80.00
Boot Hill (1st Edition, 2nd Printing)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$80.00$65.00
TSR7005-2Boot Hill (2nd Edition, 1st Printing)$150.00$120.00$50.00$40.00$22.00$18.00
TSR7005-3Boot Hill (3rd Edition)N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$40.00$32.00
TSR6701-1Boot Hill Referee's Screen w/Shootout in Northfield (1st Printing)$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$22.00$18.00
TSR6701-2Boot Hill Referee's Screen w/Shootout in Northfield (2nd Printing)$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$22.00$18.00
TSR7704Burned Bush Wells$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR7702Lost Conquistador Mine$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR7705Range War!$100.00$80.00$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR - Boot Hill - Miniatures
TSR - Buck Rogers
TSR3579Belt, The$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR3587Buck Rogers Adventure Game - Cliffhangers$55.00$42.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR3563Buck Rogers in the 25th Century$18.00$15.00$10.00$8.00$7.00$6.00
TSR3562Buck Rogers in the 25th Century$100.00$80.00$55.00$45.00$36.00$28.00
TSR3569Deimos MandateN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR3572Inner Worlds$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR3565Mars in the 25th CenturyN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR3573Matter of Gravitol, A$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR3574No Humans Allowed$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR3571Sargasso of Space$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - Buck Rogers - Novels
TSR3551Arrival - AnthologyN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3590Buck Rogers - A Life in the FutureN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3564Inner Planets, The #2 - Prime SquaredN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3576Invaders of Charon #1 - The Genesis WebN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3581Invaders of Charon #2 - Nomads of the SkyN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3585Invaders of Charon #3 - Warlords of JupiterN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR3560Martian Wars, The #3 - Armageddon Of VistaN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR - Collector Cards
TSR10971993 TSR Collector Cards Factory Set$75.00$60.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Crimson Crystal Adventure Books
TSR8930Stop That Witch!N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR - Dark Sun
TSR2400Dark Sun (1st Edition)$100.00$80.00$55.00$45.00$35.00$28.00
TSR2408Dragon KingsN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2407Dune Trader$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR2422Earth, Air, Fire, and Water$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR2437Thri-Kreen of AthasN/AN/A$44.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #01 - #50
#1 "Premiere Issue!"N/AN/A$1,500.00$1,200.00$800.00$650.00
#10 w/Snit SmashingN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#11 w/Snit's Revenge!N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#12 "Persian Mythos, Illusionists, Druids, Sea Treasure for D&D"N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$36.00$28.00
#13 "Japanese Mythos, Cyborgs in Metamorphosis Alpha"N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$36.00$28.00
#14 "Lycanthropy, Robots in Metamorphosis Alpha"N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$36.00$28.00
#15 "Dragon Magic, Boot Hill, Stellar Conquest"N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
#16 "Ninjas, Realism vs. Game Logic, Near Eastern Mythos"N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
#17 "Vampires in the Dungeon, Jousting, Angels"N/AN/A$30.00$24.00$22.00$18.00
#19 "Gamma World, Australian Mythos, TV Heroes for Boot Hill"N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
#2 "Monkish Combat, The Alchemist"N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
#20 "Demonology, Mythos of Polynesia, The Asimov Cluster"N/AN/A$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
#21 "Dungeon Update & Expansion, Source of the Nile, Rail Baron"N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
#22 "Assassins, 4th Dimension"N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
#23 "En Garde Solitaire, The Thing from the Tomb"N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
#24 "Dungeon Variants, Source of the Nile - Lost Civilizations Fantasy Supplement"N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$10.00$8.00
#25 "Gamma World w/Map"N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$10.00$8.00
#26 "System 7 Napoleonics, Boot Hill, William the Conqueror"N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$10.00$8.00
#27 "Divine Right, Agincourt, Expanding Imperium, Traveller"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
#29 "Aging in D&D, Source of the Nile, Air War"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
#3 "War of the Empires, Women & Magic, Birth Tabels for D&D"N/AN/A$150.00$120.00$75.00$60.00
#30 "Ninja Variants, Boot Hill, Lankhmar"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$9.00$7.00
#31 "Stellar Conquest Variants, EPT - The Adventurer, Third Reich"N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
#32 "The Fell Pass Adventure, The Traveller Politician"N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
#33 "Clerics & Swords, Lankhmar"N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
#34 "Divine Right Variants & Cards"N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
#35 "Traveller Variants Section"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#37 "Pit of the Oracle AD&D Adventure"N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
#38 w/RingsideN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
#4 "Empire of the Petal Throne Issue"N/AN/A$150.00$120.00$750.00$60.00
#44 w/Food FightN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$5.00$4.00
#45 "Dragon Dungeon Design Kit, Three New NPC's"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$5.00$4.00
#46 "Temple of Poseidon AD&D Module, Divine Right Variants"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#47 w/Crimefighters GameN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#48 "Doctor Yes Top Secret Adventure, Underwater Adventuring Special"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#49 "Tim Hildebrandt, AD&D Creatures for C&S, DragonQuest"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#5 "Witchcraft Supplement"N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#50 "Chapel of Silence D&D Module"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#6 "More on Metamorphosis Alpha"N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#7 "Origins of D&D, Military Formations on Tekumel"N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#8 "Outer Planes, Metamorphosis Alpha"N/AN/A$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
#9 "Adding Movie Greats to Boot Hill, Tombs & Crypts"N/AN/A$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #051 - #100
#52 "Art of Boris Vallejo, Cavern of the Sub-Train Gamma World Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#54 "Preparing a Pantheon, Cavern Quest AD&D Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#55 "Creature of Rhyl D&D Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#56 "Mad Merc - The Alulu Island Mission Top Secret Adventure"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#58 "Spellminders Playing Aid"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#65 w/Monsters of the Midway GameN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#69 w/Arrakhar's Wand GameN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#70 "Firearms in AD&D, Dwarves in Space, Metal Working"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#71 "The Taming of Brimstone Boot Hill Module"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#75 "Nine Hells AD&D Adventure Part #1"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#76 "Nine Hells AD&D Adventure Part #2"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#77 w/King of the Tabletop GameN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#78 "Citadel by the Sea AD&D Module, Psionics"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#80 "Barnacus - City in Peril AD&D Adventure"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#82 w/Baton Races of Yaz GameN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#83 "Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga AD&D Module"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#84 "The Twofold Talisman AD&D Tournament Module #1"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#85 "The Twofold Talisman AD&D Tournament Module #2"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#88 w/Elefant Hunt GameN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#89 "Creature Catalog, Six Very Special Shields"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#92 "Sword of Justice - AD&D Module, Creative Clerics"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#94 "Creature Catalog II, The Knights of Solamnia"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#96 "Demi-Human Classes, Spaceship Deck Plans"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#97 "Sticks, Stone, and Bones - Using Non-Standard Weapons"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#99 "Treasure Trove II, 17 New Treasures"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #101 - #150
#101 "Creature Catalog III, All About the Kender"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#106 "A Plethora of Paladins"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#107 "Advanced Rules for DL11 - Dragons of Glory, Mariner NPC"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#108 "Mutant Manual II - Gamma World Creatures"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#109 "The Marvel Phile, Ecology of the Displacer Beast"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#110 "The House in the Frozen Lands - AD&D Module"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#111 "Death of an Arch-Mage, Good Stuff for a Spell"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#114 "Return of the Witch, The Elven Cavalier, Ecology of the Remorhaz"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#117 "Creative Campaigns, Feuds and Feudalism"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#119 "Druids - Those Who Know Mother Nature Best"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#121 "Oriental Adventures Fold-Up Castle"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#126 "Undead Rise!, Top Secret, Marvel, Gamma World"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#132 w/Orc WarsN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#137 "Carnivorous Plants, Greyhawk Campaign Poster"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#140 "Keepers of the Faith, So Many Gods, So Little Time"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#145 "Halls of Glory, Holding Down the Fort, Strongholds Three"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#150 "A Taste of Horror, Monster Hunters"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #151 - #200
#152 "Underdark Monsters, The Ecology of the Umber Hulk"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#156 "Outrageous Magical Items, Not Necessarily the Monstrous Compendium"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#158 "Dragon Special, The Mightiest of Dragons"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#159 "Spelljammer, Voidjammers!"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#174 "Ravenloft, Things That Go Bump In The Night, Out of the Mists"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#180 "Not Another Magical Sword!, Your Basic Barbarian"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#189 "Africa And Orientals"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#192 "Gnomish Spelljammer Weapons"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#196 "Advice for GM's, The Art of Storytelling"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #201 - #250
#204 "Fossil Monsters, Potion Commotion"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#239 "101 Dirty Orc Tricks, Magical Locks, Mind Games"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragon Magazine #251 - #300
#260 "Draconic Mounts, Draconic Design, Dragon Names"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#263 "Greyhawk Gods, Deities & Demigods of the Dark Ages"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#286 "Shannara Poster Map, Shannara Campaign Setting"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#293 "Dungeon Tiles Poster, World Building, 356+ Monsters as PC Races"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
#294 "Fight the Gods, Holy Relics, Greyhawk Gods"N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Calendars, Software & Miscellaneous
TSR88851985 Dragonlance Calendar$55.00$44.00$36.00$28.00$28.00$22.00
TSR88871987 Dragonlance Calendar$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR88881988 Dragonlance Calendar$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR88911991 Dragonlance Calendar$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR88921992 Dragonlance Calendar$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8893-11993 Dragonlance and Otherworlds Calendar$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8894-11994 Dragonlance Calendar$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR88951995 Dragonlance Calendar$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR88961996 Dragonlance & Other Worlds Calendar$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1999 Dragonlance Calendar (Chinese Edition)$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8447-P2Art of the Dragonlance Saga, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
1Legends of the Lance #1 (1998 Winter Night)N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
2Legends of the Lance #2 (1998 Spring Blossom)N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
3Legends of the Lance #3 (1998 Summer Run)N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
4Legends of the Lance #4 (1998 Autumn Twilight)N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
5Legends of the Lance #5N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Graphic Novels
TSR8432Dragonlance Saga #3N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
TSR8434Dragonlance Saga #4N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
Dragonlance Saga #5N/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Modules & Adventures
TSR11372Chaos SpawnN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR9382Flint's Axe$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8421Gnomes-100, Dragons-0N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Novels (Box Sets & Collections)
TSR8303Dragonlance Chronicles - Gift Set$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8326Dragonlance Chronicles (Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8320Dragonlance Chronicles (Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00
TSR8313Dragonlance Legends - Gift Set$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8327Dragonlance Legends (Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8321Dragonlance Legends (Collector's Edition)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Novels (Hardcover)
TSR8369Dragons of Summer Flame (1995 Edition)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8369Dragons of Summer Flame (2002 Edition)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8380Kang's Regiment #1 - The Doom BrigadeN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8656Murder in TarsisN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8358Second Generation, The (1995 Edition)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8358-01Second Generation, The (2001 Edition)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8379Soulforge, TheN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Novels (Softcover)
TSR8392Bridges of Time - Legacy of SteelN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8390Bridges of Time - Spirit of the WindN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8389Chaos War Series - Tears of the Night SkyN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8380PChaos War Series - The Doom BrigadeN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8393Chaos War Series - The Last ThaneN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8302Chronicles Trilogy #3 - The Dragons of Spring DawningN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8362Defenders of Magic #3 - The Seventh SentinelN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8378Dragons at War, TheN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8382Dragons of Chaos, TheN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8369PDragons of Summer FlameN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8350Dwarven Nations Trilogy, The #2 - The Hammer and AxeN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8351Dwarven Nations Trilogy, The #3 - The Swordsheath ScrollN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
Elven Nation Trilogy, The - All 3 Books!N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8339Elven Nations Trilogy, The #3 - The QualinestiN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8339Elven Nations Trilogy, The #3 - The QualinestiN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8381Fifth Age - The Day of the TempestN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8385Fifth Age - The Eve of the MaelstromN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8323-1Heroes #1 - The Legend of Huma (1st Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8334-P1Heroes II #1 - Kaz the Minotaur (1st Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8334-P2Heroes II #1 - Kaz the Minotaur (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
Heroes II #2 - The Gates of Thorbardin (1st Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8371Lost Histories, The #4 - Land of the MinotaursN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8373-LOSLost Histories, The #5 - The Gully DwarvesN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8374Lost Histories, The #6 - The DragonsN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8388Lost Legends #1 - Vinas SolamnusN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8384Lost Legends #2 - Fistandantilus RebornN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8341Meetings Sextet, The #2 - Wanderlust (1st Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8342Meetings Sextet, The #3 - The Dark HeartN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8344Meetings Sextet, The #5 - Steel and Stone (1st Priinting)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8345-1Meetings Sextet, The #6 - The Companions (1st Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8345-2Meetings Sextet, The #6 - The Companions (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8330Preludes #3 - The Brothers Majere (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8332Preludes II #2 - Flint the King (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8386Relics and Omens - Tales of the Fifth AgeN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8358Second Generation, TheN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8347Tales II #2 - The CataclysmN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8348Tales II #3 - The War of the LanceN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8354Villains Series #3 - Emperor of AnsalonN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8355Villains Series #4 - Hederick the TheocratN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8356Villains Series #5 - Lord ToedeN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8357Villains Series #6 - The Dark QueenN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8367Warriors, The #2 - Maquesta Kar-ThonN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8368-3Warriors, The #3 - Knights of the SwordN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8375Warriors, The #4 - Theros IronfeldN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8370Warriors, The #5 - Knights of the RoseN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8383Warriors, The #7 - The Wayward KnightsN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR - Dragonlance - SAGA
TSR9543Heroes of Sorcery$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9565Saga Fate Deck$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$20.00
TSR11329Sylvan Veil, TheN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9551Wings of Fury$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Dragonlance - Sourcebooks & Box Sets
TSR8446-P1Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home (1st Printing)N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8446-P2Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2105Monstrous Compendium Dragonlance Appendix$65.00$50.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR21516More Leaves from the Inn of the Last HomeN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00
TSR - Dungeon Magazine #01 - #50
#1 "6 AD&D Adventures"N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$80.00$65.00
#17 "3 AD&D & 1 Oriental Adventure"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$5.00$4.00
#35 "4 AD&D & 1 Dark Sun Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#5 "5 AD&D, 1 D&D & 1 Oriental Adventure"N/AN/A$90.00$70.00$60.00$50.00
TSR - Dungeon Magazine #051 - #100
#60 "3 AD&D & 1 Planescape Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#82 "3rd Edition Premiere Issue!, Sherwood Campaign Map"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#84 "Drow Declare War - Ultra High Level Adventure"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#85 "4 Adventures, Monster Tokens Set #1"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#86 "Anvil of Time by Tracy Hickman, Monster Tokens Set #2"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#90 "Forgotten Realms Super Adventure, Polyhedron d20 Game, Monster Tokens Set #5"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR - Dungeons & Dragons - The Cartoon Books
D&D Cartoon Show Book #1 - Tower of Midnight DreamsN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
D&D Cartoon Show Book #3 - The Witch's Spell BookN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8714D&D Cartoon Show Book #4 - The Maze and the Magic DragonN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8715D&D Cartoon Show Book #5N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8716D&D Cartoon Show Book #6 - The Star SnatchersN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR - Empire of the Petal Throne
TSR1005-1Empire of the Petal Throne (1st Printing)N/AN/A$350.00$280.00$150.00$120.00
TSRF14Legions of the Petal ThroneN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$25.00$20.00
War of Wizards (1st Edition)N/AN/A$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00
TSR - Endless Quest
TSR8090Al-Qadim - Secret of the DjinnN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8098Amazing Engine - Galactic ChallengeN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8521-BLABlade of the Young SamuraiN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8510Circus of FearN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8534Claw of the DragonN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8520Conan and the ProphecyN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8525Conan the OutlawN/AN/A$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR8519Conan the UndauntedN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
TSR8513Dragon of DoomN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8093Dragon Strike - Forest of DarknessN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8516Dragon's Ransom, TheN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8501Dungeon of DreadN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8522Endless Catacombs, TheN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8651Endless Quest Collectors Set #1$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8652Endless Quest Collectors Set #2$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8654Endless Quest Collectors Set #4$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR8091Gamma World - American KnightsN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
TSR8512Gamma World - Light on Quests MountainN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8528Gamma World - Mystery of the AncientsN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$6.00
TSR8100Gamma World - The 24-Hour WarN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8099Greyhawk - Bigby's CurseN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
TSR8094Greyhawk - Siege of the TowerN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8518King's QuestN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8533Knight of IllusionN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8527Lair of the LichN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8502Mountain of MirrorsN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8503Pillars of PentegarnN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8532Prisoner of ElderwoodN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8514Raid on Nightmare CastleN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8089Ravenloft - Castle of the UndeadN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8096Ravenloft - Night of the TigerN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
TSR8504Return to BrookmereN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8506Revenge of the Rainbow DragonsN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8505Revolt of the DwarvesN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8536Song of the Dark DruidN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR8511Spell of the Winter WizardN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8517Star Frontiers - Captive PlanetN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8508Star Frontiers - Villains of VolturnusN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8515Under Dragon's WingN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8535Vision of DoomN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8092Wild Space - A Wild RideN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8523Youngest Samurai, TheN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Fantasy Forest
Fantasy Forest Collector's Set - Books #1-6$75.00$60.00$30.00$25.00$25.00$20.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Box Sets & Miscellaneous
TSR88891989 Forgotten Realms Calendar$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR88901990 Forgotten Realms Calendar$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR9262Cities of Mystery$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9561Empires of the Shining Sea$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
TSR1031-1Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (1st Edition, 1st Printing)$150.00$125.00$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
TSR1031-2Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (1st Edition, 2nd Printing)$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00$40.00$18.00
TSR1085-2NDForgotten Realms Campaign Setting (2nd Edition, 2nd Printing)$125.00$100.00$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Secret of the SagesN/AN/A$150.00$120.00$100.00$80.00
Secret Password (TSR Gold Promo)N/AN/A$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Deity, Monster & Spell Sourcebooks
TSR9491Pages from the MagesN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Modules
TSR11622Dungeon of Death, TheN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
TSR9590Kidnapped (RPGA)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8422Knight of the Living DeadN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9455Marco Volo - Arrival$12.00$10.00$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Novels (Hardcover)
TSR8588Elminster Series #3 - The Temptation of ElminsterN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8578Evermeet - Island of ElvesN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8542Legacy of the Drow #2 - Starless NightN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8655HMurder in CormyrN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8657Murder in HalruaaN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Novels (Harpers Series)
TSR8485Harpers, The #1 - The Parched SeaN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$28.00$22.00
TSR8552Harpers, The #10 - MasqueradesN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8556Harpers, The #11 - Curse of the ShadowmageN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8565Harpers, The #12 - The Veiled DragonN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8567Harpers, The #14 - StormlightN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8576Harpers, The #15 - Finder's BaneN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8584Harpers, The #16 - ThornholdN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8487Harpers, The #3 - Red MagicN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8493Harpers, The #5 - The Ring of WinterN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8499Harpers, The #6 - Crypt of the ShadowkingN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8540Harpers, The #7 - Soldiers of IceN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8541Harpers, The #8 - ElfsongN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Novels (Softcover)
Dark Elf Trilogy Gift Set, The$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8635Double Diamond Triangle Saga #2 - The PaladinsN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8636Double Diamond Triangle Saga #3 - The MercenariesN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8637Double Diamond Triangle Saga #4 - Errand of MercyN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8638Double Diamond Triangle Saga #5 - An Opportunity for ProfitN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8639Double Diamond Triangle Saga #6 - ConspiracyN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8640Double Diamond Triangle Saga #7 - Uneasy AlliancesN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8641Double Diamond Triangle Saga #8 - Easy BetrayalsN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8642Double Diamond Triangle Saga #9 - The DiamondN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8579Lost Empires #1 - The Lost Library of CormanthyrN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8586Lost Empires #2 - Faces of DeceptionN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8477Maztica Trilogy, The #3 - Feathered DragonN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8410GSMoonshae Trilogy, The - Gift Set$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8569Netheril Trilogy #1 - Sword PlayN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8570Netheril Trilogy #2 - Dangerous GamesN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8573Netheril Trilogy #3 - Mortal ConsequencesN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8562Nobles, The #3 - Escape from UndermountainN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8563Nobles, The #4 - The Mage in the Iron MaskN/AN/A$3.00$2.00$2.00$1.00
TSR8564Nobles, The #5 - The Council of BladesN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8581Nobles, The #6 - The Simbul's GiftN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8537Pools Trilogy, The #3 - Pool of TwilightN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8582Realms of MysteryN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8574Realms of the ArcaneN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8568Realms of the UnderdarkN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR8587Shadow Stone, TheN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR21342Songs & Swords #5 - The Dream SpheresN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8557PStarlight & Shadows #2 - Tangled WebsN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8554Twilight Giants Trilogy, The #3 - The Titan of TwilightN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8583Tymora's LuckN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - People and Organizations of the Realms
TSR9326-P1Drow of the Underdark (1st Printing)N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9525Heroes' LorebookN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9509-P2Warriors and Priests of the Realms (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - Volo's Guides
TSR11626Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate IIN/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$14.00
TSR - Forgotten Realms - World Books
TSR9465Book of Lairs, TheN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR9401City of Waterdeep Trail Map$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR9224Empires of the SandsN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR2106Forgotten Realms AdventuresN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8442Forgotten Realms Atlas, TheN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9389Jungles of Chult, The$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00
TSR9402Kara-Tur Trail Map$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$30.00$24.00
Living City - Meta-Campaign Book (Version 2000)N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
Living City Campaign - Procampur City Expansion PacketN/AN/A$175.00$140.00$140.00$110.00
Living Jungle Campaign - Player Information GuideN/AN/A$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
Player's Guide to the Living City Campaign, The (Version 2.0) (RPGA)$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR91270TSR Gold Promo - Forgotten Realms MapN/AN/A$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
TSR - Gamma World
TSR7511Gamma Base$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR3002-1Gamma World (1st Edition, 1st Printing)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
TSR3002-2Gamma World (1st Edition, 2nd Printing)$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00
TSR7010-3EGamma World (3rd Edition, Warrior Riding Beast Cover)$100.00$80.00$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00
TSR6501Gamma World Referee's Screen w/The Albuquerque Starport (1st Edition)$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00
TSRSF18-1Metamorphosis Alpha (1st Printing)$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00
TSR3001-2Metamorphosis Alpha (2nd Printing)$150.00$100.00$85.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR7516Mutant Master$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR7518Overlord of Bonparr, The$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - Gamma World & Star Frontiers - Miniatures
TSR5508Gamma World/Star Frontiers - Androids$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5511Gamma World/Star Frontiers - Cyborgs$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5505Gamma World/Star Frontiers - Mutants/Aliens$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5502Gamma World/Star Frontiers - Pure Strain Humans$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5809Star Frontiers - Federation Frigates and Scouts$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5404Star Frontiers - Knight Hawks Privateers$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR5810Star Frontiers - Pirate Frigates and Scouts$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5811Star Frontiers - Sathar Frigate and Cutter$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5808Star Frontiers - Sathar Light Cruiser$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5334Star Frontiers - Spacefarers$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR5812Star Frontiers - Starship Bases & Supports$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Gangbusters
TSR7906Death in Spades$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR7903Death on the Docks$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR7009-1EGangbusters (1st Edition)$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$18.00$15.00
TSR7901Trouble Brewing$36.00$28.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR - Gangbusters - Miniatures
TSR - Gen Con Programs & Merchandise
1977 Program Book - Gen Con XN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
1980 ProgramN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
1981 ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1982 ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1983 ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1984 ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1985 Gen Con Official ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1987 Gen Con Official ProgramN/AN/A$10.00$8.00$8.00$7.00
1990 Gen Con On-Site ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1991 Gen Con On-Site ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1992 Gen Con/Origins On-Site ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1993 Gen Con Official ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1996 ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
1997 ProgramN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Greyhawk - Novels
Greyhawk - Against the GiantsN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR8213Greyhawk - NightwatchN/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR - Greyhawk
TSR11413Against the Giants (25th Anniversary Edition)$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$10.00$8.00
TSR9222Castle GreyhawkN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9265Child's Play$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9337Howl from the North$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9153Isle of the Ape$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR2107Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00
TSR9112Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure$55.00$42.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9309Vecna Lives!$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
TSR9025-1World of Greyhawk Folio, The (1st Printing)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$100.00$80.00
TSR9025-P2World of Greyhawk Folio, The (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR1015World of Greyhawk, The$200.00$160.00$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00
TSR - HeartQuest Adventure Books
TSR8804Isle of IllusionN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8806Lady of the WindsN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8805Moon Dragon SummerN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8801Ring of the Ruby DragonN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8803Secret SorceressN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR8802Talisman of ValdegardeN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - Hollow World
TSR9339Kingdom of Nithia$75.00$60.00$35.00$28.00$28.00$22.00
TSR - Imagine Magazine
#1 "The Beacon at Enon Tor Module"N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
#11 "Cavalier PC Class, Black Roses Scenario"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#12 "AD&D Solo Module - Tomb of the Kings"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#13 "H.P Lovecraft Issue"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#14 "Traveller Module - The Fire Opal of Set"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#15 "Gamesfair '84 Competition Module"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#16 "Egypt Special - Module, History"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#17 "Celtic Material - Weapons & Artifacts, Myths and Legend, Tir Nan Og Adventure"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#18 "Star Frontiers Module - On the Rocks"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#19 "D&D Module - Sinvel's Peril"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#2 "Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying Games, Barbarian PC Class for AD&D"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#21 "Pelinore Campaign World & Marvel Adventure"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#22 "Interview, Module & Story by Michael Moorcock"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#23 "Gothic Adventure for D&D"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#24 "Thieves Issue, Guilty if Caught - Theives Scenario"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#25 "Far Eastern Special, Bushido & AD&D Module"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#26 "The Great Paladin Hunt Module"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#27 "Pelinore Campaign Installment, New Magic Spells"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#28 "Role Playing Pulp Style, Lycantropy"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#29 "Traveller - The Sarafind File, Star Frontiers Module"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#30 "Battleystem Scenario, Vikings, Icelanders, Pelinore"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#5 "AD&D Mini-Module, New Druid Spells"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#6 "Jack of All Trades D&D, AD&D, DragonQuest Module"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#7 "Dragonquest Scenario"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Indiana Jones
TSR6570Adventures of Indiana Jones, The$125.00$100.00$40.00$32.00$25.00$20.00
TSR6753Crystal Death$36.00$28.00$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR - Lankhmar
TSR9481Avengers in Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9470Cutthroats of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9162Lankhmar - City of Adventure (1st Edition)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR9318Prince of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9461Rogues in Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9371Slayers of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9329Tales of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9276Thieves of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR9295Wonders of Lankhmar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR - LJN Action Figures
TSR1555Bowmarc - Good Crusader (Battle-Matic Action)$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5014Bugbear & Goblin$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5015Bullywugs of the Bog$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5022Carrion Crawler, The$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5023Chimera, The$250.00$200.00$200.00$160.00N/AN/A
TSR5021Deadly Grell, The$200.00$160.00$150.00$125.00N/AN/A
TSR1556Deeth - Good Fighter (Battle-Matic Action)$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR1550Drex - Evil Warrior (Battle-Matic Action)$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR1449Elkhorn - Good Dwarf Fighter$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5024Fire Elemental & Crystal Ball Treasure$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00N/AN/A
TSR5018Five-Headed Hydra, The$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00$6.00$5.00
TSR1440Grimsword - Evil Knight$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR1442Kelek - Evil Sorcerer$250.00$200.00$200.00$160.00N/AN/A
TSR1446Melf - Good Fighter Mage Elf$250.00$200.00$200.00$160.00N/AN/A
TSR1448Mercion - Good Cleric$200.00$160.00$160.00$130.00N/AN/A
TSR5026Minotaur of the Maze & Crown Treasure$200.00$160.00$160.00$130.00N/AN/A
TSR5020Raging Roper$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00$10.00$8.00
TSR1444Ringlerun - Good Wizard$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5011Sarke Mercenaries$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00N/AN/A
TSR5025Shambling Mound and Treasure Sack$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00N/AN/A
TSR5017Sinister Specter and Lich$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00N/AN/A
TSR5016Skeleton Soldiers of Sith$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00N/AN/A
TSR5007-STESteadfast Men at Arms$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00N/AN/A
TSR1447Strongheart - Good Paladin$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5028Terrible Troll & Goblin$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00N/AN/A
TSR5013Troglodyte & Goblin$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR5029Umber Hulk and Dungeon Treasure$600.00$500.00$500.00$400.00N/AN/A
TSR1480Young Male Titan$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR1443Zarak - Evil Half Orc Assassin$300.00$250.00$250.00$200.00N/AN/A
TSR - Marvel Super Heroes - SAGA
TSR6930Avengers - Roster Book - Featuring the ThunderboltsN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR11330Fantastic Four - Fantastic VoyagesN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR11320Fantastic Four - Roster BookN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR6926Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR11340Reed Richards Guide to Everything, TheN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR - Marvel Super Heroes
TSR6854Avengers Assembled!$25.00$22.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR6874Avengers Coast to Coast$36.00$28.00$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR6879Cosmic Trilogy #1 - Cosmos Cubed$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6880Cosmic Trilogy #2 - Ragnarok and Roll$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6882Cosmic Trilogy #3 - The Left Hand of Eternity$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6890Deluxe City Campaign Set$90.00$70.00$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSR6889Fantastic Four Compendium, TheN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR6866Fault Line$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6875Future in Flames #2 - X Potential, The$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6877Future in Flames #3 - Reap the Whirlwind$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6884Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4 - Serpent Society thru Zzzax$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR6887Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5 - 1989 Character Updates$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR6894Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6 - 1990 Character Updates$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR6903Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #7 - 1991 Character Updates$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR6909Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8 - 1992 Character Update$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR6892Gang Wars Trilogy #1 - After Midnight$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6895Gang Wars Trilogy #2 - Night Moves$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6897Gang Wars Trilogy #3 - Night Life$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6867Gates of What If?$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
Hands of the Ravager, The$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR6871-2Marvel Super Heroes - Advanced Set (2nd Printing)$175.00$140.00$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00
TSR6900Marvel Super Heroes - Basic Set (Revised Edition)$90.00$70.00$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
TSR8021Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #1 - Spider Man in City in DarknessN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8022-BMarvel Super Heroes Gamebook #2 - Captain America in Rockets Red GlareN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8024Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #4 - Doctor Strange Through Six DimensionsN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8025Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #5 - The Thing in One Thing after AnotherN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8026Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #6 - The X-Men in an X-Cellent DeathN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8027Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #7 - Spider Man in As the World BurnsN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8028Marvel Super Heroes Gamebook #8 - Daredevil in Guilt by AssociationN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR5371Marvel Super Heroes Set #1$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR5372Marvel Super Heroes Set #2$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR5375Marvel Super Heroes Set #3$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR6904Negative Zone Trilogy #3 - Stygian Knight$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR6861Project - Wideawake$25.00$22.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR6870Realms of Magic$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$32.00
TSR6876Ultimate Powers, The$100.00$80.00$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR6868Weapons Locker$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR6905X Forces - The Mutant Update$75.00$60.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$32.00
TSR - Miniature Rules
Air PowerN/AN/A$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00
Cavaliers and Roundheads (1st Edition)N/AN/A$55.00$42.00$42.00$34.00
Cavaliers and Roundheads (2nd Edition)N/AN/A$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR6002-2Chainmail (3rd Edition, 2nd Printing, Comb Binding)N/AN/A$250.00$200.00$150.00$125.00
TSR6002Chainmail (3rd Edition, 2nd Printing, Staple Binding)N/AN/A$200.00$160.00$125.00$100.00
Classic WarfareN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSRH12Cordite and SteelN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
Field RegulationsN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
TSRH13Modern Armor (1st Edition)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR6014Modern Armor (2nd Edition)N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
Panzer WarfareN/AN/A$55.00$42.00$36.00$28.00
Tractics (1st Printing, Brown Box)N/AN/A$250.00$200.00$150.00$125.00
Tricolor (GK Logo, True 1st Printing)N/AN/A$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00
Tricolor (Lizard Logo, 2nd+ Printings)N/AN/A$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
TSR - Miscellaneous Promos, Calendars, Clothing and Rare, Obscure Items
1980 Days of the Dragon Calendar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
1981 Days of the Dragon Calendar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
1982 Days of the Dragon Calendar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
TSR88831983 Realms of Wonder Calendar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
1984 Dungeons & Dragons Realms of Wonder Calendar$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
AD&D Coloring Book - Characters Coloring BookN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
AD&D Coloring Book - The Crown of RulershipN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
AD&D Coloring Book - The Lost WandN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
AD&D Coloring Book - The Rescue of RinglerunN/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1500-1AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Dragons, Giants, Demihumans$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1500-4AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Humanoids and Undead$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1500-2AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Monsters$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1500-3AD&D Rub Down Transfers - More Monsters$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1600-2AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Series II - Fiend Folio Characters$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1600-1AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Series II - From the Monster Manual$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1600-3AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Series II - More Fiend Folio Characters$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1600-4AD&D Rub Down Transfers - Series II - Player Characters$15.00$12.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR6053-0Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Wallet$150.00$125.00$50.00$40.00$30.00$25.00
TSR8004Dragon Dice (1st Edition) w/Erol Otus Art (Blue Backing)$250.00$200.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR8005Dragon Dice (1st Edition) w/Erol Otus Art (Yellow Backing)$250.00$200.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR/RPGA Suede BagN/AN/A$250.00$200.00$200.00$160.00
Twenty Years of TSRN/AN/A$750.00$600.00$600.00$500.00
TSR - One on One Adventure Gamebooks
TSR8462Battle for the Ancient Robot$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR8461Castle Arcania$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8464Challenge of Druid's Grove$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8470Dragonlance - Dragon Wand of Krynn$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
TSR - Origins Programs & Merchandise
1976 Origins II ProgramN/AN/A$200.00$160.00$160.00$130.00
1977 ProgramN/AN/A$200.00$160.00$160.00$130.00
1978 ProgramN/AN/A$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00
1979 ProgramN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR - Planescape
Faction Pin - GodsmenN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
Faction Pin - HarmoniumN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR2629Faction WarN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$100.00$80.00
TSR2611Factol's Manifesto, The$100.00$80.00$65.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR2628Great Modron March, TheN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR2625Guide to the Astral Plane, AN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR1141Harbinger House$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR2605In the Abyss$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
Lady of Pain FlaskN/AN/A$250.00$200.00$200.00$160.00
TSR2613Monstrous Compendium Planescape Appendix #2N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2600Planescape Campaign Setting$175.00$140.00$125.00$100.00$100.00$80.00
Planescape SketchbookN/AN/A$2,000.00$1,600.00$1,600.00$1,300.00
TSR2620Planewalker's Handbook, TheN/AN/A$55.00$45.00$45.00$35.00
TSR2619Something Wild$55.00$45.00$35.00$28.00$25.00$20.00
TSR2624Uncaged - Faces of SigilN/AN/A$45.00$35.00$35.00$28.00
TSR - Polyhedron Magazine #01 - #50
#11 "Dawn Patrol, Encounters"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#12 "Encounters, Knight Hawks - A New Dimension"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#14 "Star Front Scenario, Lone Wolf - Gamma World PC"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#15 "The Vesper Investigation - Gangbusters"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#16 "The Riddle of Dolmen Moor"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
#17 "The Incants of Ishcabeble, Disguised Weapons"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
#19 "...And The Gods Will Have Their Way, Indiana Jones"N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
#2 "Interview With Gary Gygax Part #2"N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$15.00$12.00
#20 "The 384th Incarnation of Bigby's Tomb"N/AN/A$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
#21 "Witchstone, RPGA NPC's, Titan for Star Frontiers"N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
#22 "In the Black Hours Part #1, Ships in Star Frontiers"N/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
#23 "In the Black Hours Part #2, New Magical Items, Character Class - Ultimists"N/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
#29 "The Camel's Nose, Ecology of Tiamat, Gamma World Gods"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#3 "Interview With Jim Ward"N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
#31 "Ravager Part #2, New Druid Spells"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#32 "Operation - Butterup Top Secret Module"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#40 "The Black Lotus Apothecary Shop, Gamma World Scenario"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#41 "Wedding Party Module, Special Intelligence for Top Secret/S.I."N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#45 "Working for the Wizard, Dawn Patrol Scenario"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#7 "Top Secret & Boot Hill Game Features"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#9 "Dawn Patrol, Star Frontiers"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
TSR - Polyhedron Magazine #051 - #100
#52 "No Dice - Paranoia Scenario, Buck Rogers, Rogues Gallery"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#53 "Torrand's Tribulations Module, Colossal Dreadbot for Gamma World"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#54 "Odder Than Odd - Call of Cthulhu Adventure"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#59 "A Friend in Need - AD&D Adventure, Indian Wars & Uprisings for Boot Hill"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#61 "With Great Power Pt. 2, Raven's Bluff Docks"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#62 "Jade Monkey - AD&D Adventure, Truly Tacky Treasure"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#63 "Crisis in the Cragmoors - AD&D Adventure, Naming Military Units"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#64 "Short People - AD&D Adventure, Cthulhu vs. Lakefront City"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#67 "Results From Create a Monster Contest"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#69 "Sea of Fire Part #1 - AD&D Oriental Adventure"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#73 "Experience Preferred Part #2, Bahamut & Tiamat"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#74 "Experience Preferred Part #3, Ravenloft, Spelljammer"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#77 "Downunder the Living City Module, Weather on Krynn, Moonsea"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
#79 "Evansburg - Gamma World Scenario"N/AN/A$7.00$6.00$5.00$4.00
#81 "His Majesty's Special Service - Spelljammer Module"N/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR - Polyhedron Magazine #101 - #148
#103 "Forgotten Deities, Prophets of the Dark Side"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#117 "The Updated Incantrix, The Temple of Helm in Raven's Bluff"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
#124 "Modern Minions of Cthulhu, Vecna's Domain"N/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR - Puzzles
Art of TSR Fantasy Puzzle - Book of Lairs$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR71062Art of TSR Fantasy Puzzle - Dragons of Summer Flame$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
T071061Art of TSR Fantasy Puzzle - The Dargonesti$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
Art of TSR Fantasy Puzzle, The - Worlds of TSR (1992)$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR71502Art of TSR Puzzle - Kingdom of Adventure$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TS05002Art of TSR Puzzle - Raid on Nightmare Castle$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR71065Art of TSR Puzzle - The Battle of Sorrow's Field$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1605-4D&D Jigsaw Puzzle - Charging Attack$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1605-XD&D Jigsaw Puzzle - Mountain of Mirrors$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1605-3D&D Jigsaw Puzzle - Pillars of Pentegarn (200 Pieces)$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1605-2D&D Jigsaw Puzzle - Return to Brookmere (200 Pieces)$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR5001Dragonlance Legends Puzzle$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TO71060Dragons of Desolation Jigsaw Puzzle$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1605-1Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle (Larry Elmore Dungeon of Dread Art)$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR6016Dungeons & Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle (Larry Elmore)$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR4628-BARDungeons & Dragons Sliding Puzzle - Barbarian$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR4628-KNIDungeons & Dragons Sliding Puzzle - Charging Knight$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR4628-DRADungeons & Dragons Sliding Puzzle - Red Dragon$35.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Ravenloft - Novels
TSR8071King of the DeadN/AN/A$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR8073Lord of the NecropolisN/AN/A$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR21333Spectre of the Black RoseN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8065Tales of RavenloftN/AN/A$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR8056Vampire of the MistsN/AN/A$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Ravenloft
TSR1141Bleak House - The Death of Rudolph Van Richten$125.00$100.00$75.00$60.00$60.00$50.00
TSR2174Domains of DreadN/AN/A$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
TSR1146Grim Harvest #3 - Requiem, The Grim Harvest$100.00$80.00$50.00$40.00$40.00$32.00
TSR9418House of Strahd$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00$18.00$15.00
TSR2122Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix #1$44.00$36.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix #1 & #2$55.00$42.00$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR2139Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix #2 - Children of the Night$44.00$36.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR1053-1PRealm of Terror (1st Printing)$105.00$85.00$65.00$50.00$18.00$14.00
TSR91271TSR Gold Promo - Ravenloft MapN/AN/A$75.00$60.00$55.00$42.00
TSR9345-2Van Richten's Guide to Vampires (2nd Printing)N/AN/A$15.00$12.00$10.00$9.00
TSR9582Vecna Reborn$140.00$110.00$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR - RPGA - Adventurer's Guild Modules
Series #1 - AD&D 2nd Edition, Marooned on Jakandor - Island of WarN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #1 - Adventurer's Guild Retail Play Program, Instruction BookN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #1 - Birthright - Of Varsks and Winter WitchesN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #1 - Dragonlance - Leviathan's DeepN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #1 - Forgotten Realms - Vale of the Dragon OracleN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #1 - Planescape - The MenagerieN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - AD&D 2nd Edition - Blood FeudN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Adventurer's Guild Retail Play Program, Instruction BookN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Alternity, Folds in the TapestryN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Dragonlance, Pyramids of BrassN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Forgotten Realms, The Fallen ArchmageN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Greyhawk, Return of the Pick-AxeN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #2 - Planescape, The Manxome FoeN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000336Series #3 - Alternity, SalvageN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000337Series #3 - Forgotten Realms, Special DeliveryN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000338Series #3 - Greyhawk, Ill OmensN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000333Series #3 - Marvel Super Heroes, The Throne of HuangdiN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000334Series #3 - Ravenloft, The Heart's Final BeatN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
B0000335Series #3 - Ravenloft/Greyhawk, A Second ChanceN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Adventurer's Guild Retail Play Instruction Book, Winter 1999N/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Alternity, InterfallN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Dragonlance, Spawn of Sable - A Prelude to Sylvan VeilN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Forgotten Realms, The Light FantasticN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Series #5 - Greyhawk, Mission Brief 6106 sd XXXIVN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Series #5 - Living City at War I, Dangerous AlliancesN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Living City at War II, A Spell of Bad WeatherN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Living City at War III, Foolish PrideN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Living City at War IV, The Search for TruthN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Living City at War V, The Longest NightN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Living City at War VII, Whistling in the DarkN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Marvel Super Heroes, Pages of DoomN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #5 - Ravenloft, Legacy of VenomN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Series #6 - AD&D 2nd Edition, A Simple ErrandN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - AD&D 2nd Edition, The DisplacedN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - Adventurer's Guild Retail Play Instruction Book, Spring 1999N/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - Alternity, MaelstromN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - Dragonlance, Children of SolaceN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - Forgotten Realms, The Hand of JusticeN/AN/A$100.00$80.00$80.00$65.00
Series #6 - Ravenloft, Deepening ShadowsN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #7 - Against the Giants, EmissariesN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #7 - Alternity, End of InnocenceN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #7 - Council of Wyrms, Cult of the Swamp LordN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Series #7 - Forgotten Realms, Crown of SaltN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #7 - Marvel Super Heroes - Smoke and MirrorsN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
Series #7 - Ravenloft, Farewell to the FleshN/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Series #9 - Greyhawk, Crossbows & CrossbonesN/AN/A$60.00$50.00$50.00$40.00
TSR - RPGA Items
Fighting Wheel Game Aid$300.00$250.00$200.00$160.00$160.00$130.00
TSR - Software
TSR2167AD&D Core Rules 1.0 (PC CD-Rom)$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR11543AD&D Core Rules 2.0 - Expansion (PC CD-Rom)$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR2176AD&D Core Rules 2.0 (PC CD-Rom)$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR3503-80Dawn Patrol$125.00$100.00$90.00$70.00$70.00$55.00
WOC11448Dragon Magazine Archive #1-250 (PC CD-Rom) (5)$100.00$80.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR11451Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (PC CD-Rom)$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR - Spellfire CCG
TSR1156PSet #10 - Draconomicon Booster Box$125.00$100.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1156-SSet #10 - Draconomicon Booster Pack$5.00$4.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1153PSet #11 - Night Stalkers Booster Box$175.00$140.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1153-SSet #11 - Night Stalkers Booster Pack$7.00$6.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1118Set #2 - Ravenloft Booster Box$36.00$28.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1118P-SSet #2 - Ravenloft Booster Pack$3.00$2.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1119Set #3 - Dragonlance Booster Box$55.00$42.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1119P-SSet #3 - Dragonlance Booster Pack$3.00$2.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1151P-DSet #8 - Runes and Ruins Booster Box$125.00$100.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1151P-SSet #8 - Runes and Ruins Booster Pack$5.00$4.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1152PSet #9 - Birthright Booster Box$125.00$100.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1152-SSet #9 - Birthright Booster Pack$5.00$4.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR1133Spellfire Reference Guide #1N/AN/A$22.00$18.00$18.00$15.00
TSR1154Spellfire Reference Guide #2N/AN/A$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR - Spelljammer
TSR2119Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix #2$36.00$28.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR - Spelljammer - Novels
TSR8030Cloakmaster Cycle #1 - Beyond the MoonsN/AN/A$4.00$3.00$3.00$2.00
TSR8033Cloakmaster Cycle #4 - The Radiant DragonN/AN/A$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR - Star Frontiers
TSR7817Alpha Dawn - Bugs in the System$36.00$28.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7818Alpha Dawn - Dark Side of the Moon$36.00$28.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7809Alpha Dawn - Mission to Alcazzar$36.00$28.00$15.00$12.00$12.00$10.00
TSR7810Knight Hawks - Beyond the Frontier #2, Face of the Enemy$36.00$28.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7805Knight Hawks - Dramune Run$15.00$12.00$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR7011-1PKnight Hawks (1st Printing)$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR7011-2PKnight Hawks (2nd Printing)$55.00$42.00$25.00$22.00$22.00$15.00
TSR7007-82Star Frontiers$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$25.00$22.00
TSR7802Starspawn of Volturnus$18.00$15.00$5.00$4.00$4.00$3.00
TSR7801Volturnus - Planet of Mystery$25.00$22.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Terror T.R.A.X.
TSR8627Track of the Vampire$22.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR8626Track of the Werewolf$22.00$15.00N/AN/AN/AN/A
TSR - Top Secret
TSR7605Ace of Clubs$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7633Commando Brushfire Wars$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7635F.R.E.E. America$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7640Final Weapon, The$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7623G4 File, The - Guns, Gadgets, and Getaway Gear$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$10.00$8.00
TSR7628High Stakes Gamble$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$15.00$12.00
TSR7603Operation - Fastpass$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR7624Operation - Starfire$22.00$18.00$12.00$10.00$9.00$7.00
TSR7006-1ETop Secret (1st Edition)$70.00$55.00$44.00$36.00$36.00$28.00
TSR7620Top Secret/S.I$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$25.00$22.00
TSR7634Web Wars #1 - Web of Deceit$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR7636Web Wars #2 - The Sting of the Spider$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR7637Web Wars #3 - Web Wars$18.00$15.00$9.00$7.00$7.00$6.00
TSR - Top Secret - Miniatures
TSR - War Games
TSRH113African Campaign, TheN/AN/A$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00
TSRF110-77Battle of the Five Armies, The$175.00$140.00$70.00$55.00$55.00$44.00
TSR7008Dawn Patrol$70.00$55.00$36.00$28.00$18.00$15.00
Fight in the Skies (1st Printing, Blue)$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
TSR7003Fight in the Skies (2nd Printing, Orange)$70.00$55.00$25.00$22.00$15.00$12.00
Star Probe (1st Edition)N/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
Star Probe (2nd Edition)N/AN/A$150.00$125.00$125.00$100.00
William the Conqueror - 1066N/AN/A$18.00$15.00$12.00$10.00
That's it for this edition of Knight's Most Wanted!
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