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War in Europe

by Decision Games

Category: Software & PC Games
Genre: Computer - Game - War Game
Product Line: Computer War Games (Decision Games)
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: Yes
Condition: MINT/New    
NKG part # Mfg. part # Type Condition
2148536964 DCG2100 Software (unboxed) MINT/New

War in Europe - Windows Edition is a computer moderated simulation of the European Theater of Operations in World War II, based on the board game of the same name. Players control ground, air, sea, strategic forces, production and politics in order to change or simulate the events of World War II. The game features brigade to corps-sized ground units, fleets of surface ships, U-Boats, transports, and amphibious assault ships, and tactical and strategic airpower. There is no "computer player" in the game. Players make all critical decisions, including when and on whom to declare war, planning campaign strategy, and executing sweeping movements, "blitzkriegs," bombing raids, airborne drops and amphibious assaults.


Battle on any of three different fronts - War In the West (2 player, Allies versus Axis), War In the East (2 player, Soviets versus Axis) and War In Europe (3 player, Axis versus Allies/Soviets).

  • Game play consists of either scenarios or campaigns. Scenarios are shorter games focused on a single major offensive of WWII, for example, the 1940 German assault on France. Campaigns start from a specified date and continue through May '45, or the defeat of one side. There are 10 scenarios and 16 campaigns from which to choose.
  • The main display is a unique "tabbed map display" that allows each player to define and maintain his own set of multiple map views. Set up views of critical combat areas allow one-click switching between areas of interest; set different display overlays for each map view; center any map view on any named location or hex.
  • Multiple map overlays available on any map view: show supply net, hex ownership, air range, unit ZOC. Overlays can be toggled using hot keys.
  • Support for any screen resolution (minimum resolution 1024x768).
  • Playing time varies from less than an hour, for the introductory Poland '39 scenario, to 300+ hours for the full War In Europe 1939 campaign.
  • PBEM is fully integrated into the program. You can easily manage multiple simultaneous PBEM games against different opponents. Enter an email address for each player, and the program will automatically send turns to them using your installed email program at the appropriate time. When receiving turns from other players, drop the attached file into the program's "In Box" directory, and the file is automatically stored into the correct game directory.
  • For PBEM games, a "browse mode" is available to allow you to load and review your own forces while you wait for an opponent to complete and return his turn.
  • For PBEM games, full tracking of load/save actions is provided to detect "multiple restarting" of turns to avoid unfavorable die rolls.
  • Support for color-blind players by allowing each user to specify customizable icons, allowing color-blind players to create personalized unit colors.
  • Native support for any 32 bit Windows operating system. Support for other platforms (Mac and Linux) can be achieved via suitable windows emulation software.
  • Multiple map tile sets are supplied to allow players to choose the style of map they want. Additional user-created map tile sets are fully supported: simply create the required bitmap and drop it into the game directory. The game will show the custom tile set as a selectable option when starting a new game.


    The game provides a host of options to allow experienced players to tailor an individual game to their preferences, and to enable reproduction of the various editions of the board game version (SPI era, DG reprint).

  • Standard options include: Axis North African unit limits, Allied/US production, German personnel points, fog of war rules, variable weather; variable Allied combat strength during early war years; partial combat odds during combat resolution, and many more.
  • New options have been added to address specific game play anomalies that 30 years of board game experience have brought up: Commonwealth unit limits in North Africa, and a Malta/Tobruk rule (Axis control of Malta opens up Tobruk as a major supply source).
  • Attrition: A major new option that can dramatically affect play is the "attrition" model. When selected, all units in the game will gain and lose attrition according to their actions and supply state during the turn. Attrition levels can reduce both combat strength and movement. The net result is a different feel to the classic game, and for veteran players this option can force a serious rethink of otherwise 'tried and true' tactics and strategies. The various values and settings for the attrition option can be adjusted when starting any new game in order to allow players to experiment further with the rule and it's effects.


    The game also includes a full-featured editor.

  • Create modified versions of the standard game files, or even entirely new game files using the standard files as the base.
  • Create new unit types by setting unit attributes, unit capabilities and build costs.
  • For any scenario or campaign, the on-map unit set ups can be exported to a file and then imported into other game files. That allows quick testing and sharing of different unit setups.
  • For each nation in the game, a range of values can be viewed an edited. Want to give Norway an air force - then do it!
  • Many of the tables used by the game code can be edited, such as production and personnel multiples, air front limits, reinforcement schedules and arrival hexes, strategic war limits, and many more.
  • Unit icon images for custom units can be set by supplying a custom bitmap containing new images.
  • Some special 'one off' rules used in the standard scenarios and campaigns can be activated (or ignored) for custom games if required.

    System Requirements:

  • OS : Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • (XP/Vista recommended)
  • CPU : Pentium III 800Mhz
  • (Pentium 4, 1.2Ghz recommended)
  • RAM : 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
  • Screen : Minimum resolution 1024x768, 16 bit color
  • HD : 50MB free space
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card and Mouse

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    War in Europe
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    War in Europe
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    War in Europe
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