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Super Heavy Tank M.U.T. Maus - Boblingen 1944 w/Weight Mock-up Turret

Super Heavy Tank M.U.T. Maus - Boblingen 1944 w/Weight Mock-up Turret
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


This version of the Maus features a mock-up turret that was actually used for vehicle testing and trials after the tank was transported to Böblingen in January of 1944.

About the Maus:
The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Sd.Kfz 205) is the heaviest tank with completed working prototypes built during World War II. The basic design known as the VK70001/Porsche Type 2005 was suggested by Ferdinand Porsche to Adolf Hitler in June of 1942, who subsequently approved it. The design up to then had been the culmination of work done by Porsche who had won the contract for the heavy tank that March. Work on the design began in earnest and the first prototype would be ready in 1943 and was initially received the name Mammut (Mammoth). This was reportedly changed to Maeuschen (Mousy) in December of 1942 and finally Maus (Mouse) in February of 1943.

Most of the life of the working Maus prototypes was in testing around Kummersdorf and at the proving grounds in Böblingen, but the V1 and V2 versions were also involved in one known mission in a combat area that ended in both tanks being over-run and captured by Soviet forces.

Main Features:

  • Completely new-tooled Maus mold
  • True-scale model
  • Historically accurate painting and weathering
  • Detailed and weathered track links
  • Includes display case