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Super Giant Monster Showdown

Super Giant Monster Showdown
Category: Board Games
Publish Year: 1999
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


Finally, a card-based game with the perfect balance of property destruction and deadly combat! Every game is different! Create and customize your own giant monsters! Battle it out on a complex map with endless possibilities! Use strategy (and brute force) to rampage across civilization, outwit Defence Forces and clobber your monster opponents!

Command awesome powers and mutant abilities. Absorb more energy throughout the game and grow even stronger! Plus, with randomly drawn Event Cards thrown into the mix, you never know what else might happen...Typhoons and Meteor Showers! Panic in the streets or forced Evacuations! Human characters appear to change the tide of battle....Scientists with new inventions! Military Commanders with new strategies! Reporters with a story to catch!

More than a fight game, Super Giant Monster Showdown is a simulation of the greatest giant monster movies of all time! Watch fantastic plots unfold as the earth becomes a battlefield for mountainous creatures of every description! Super Giant Monster Showdown is comprised of a variety of interwoven card systems, played on a flat surface (tabletop) by at least 2 players. The set comes with a full compliment of Bio-Cards, Physical Modifier Cards, Power Cards, Powersource Cards, Map Cards and Event Cards. There are also Defence Force counters, Character Pawns, an assortment of other markers, and rulebook.