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Scourges of the Galaxy

Scourges of the Galaxy
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Scourges of the Galaxy
Author: Jason Walter
Publish Year: 2008
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.33"
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NKG part #: 2148530803
Mfg. part #: DOJHERO305
Type: Softcover


Scum and Villainy

Every great hero needs an equally great villain as his nemesis. In a Star Hero campaign having just the right enemies for your heroes makes the campaign perfect. That’s what Scourges Of The Galaxy offers you — dozens of Science Fiction villains that add even more fun to any campaign! It includes:

five master villains: Archimandrite Landol Callixtus, corrupt church leader from the planet Polyphemus; Geiger “Mind Master” Cray, a Mind Police officer with a secret agenda; the Machiavellian politician Senator Leopold D’Estaing; King Narch, leader of the terrifying Xenovore Fleet; and Tateklys, the Malvan leader of the Hzeel Outfit

four organizations: the Church of the Infinite Dark, a cult of powerful “Void Messiahs” devoted to reshaping the Universe to suit its foul gods; the Clone Mob, a criminal organization with almost a half million identical members; Pelga’s Fist, a crew of bloodthirsty space pirates; and the Psindicate, a psionic criminal conspiracy whose tendrils reach across the Galaxy

a dozen solo adversaries, including mercenary xenoarcheologist Lucas Bellair, rogue telepathic assassin Darryl Revok, master pilot and smuggler Double H, mad scientist Dr. Maximilian Landau, and cybernetic bounty hunter Blackjack Thorson

Even better, each villain comes with plot seeds, suggestions on how to use him in your campaign, and other useful information. So tell your heroes to get ready — it’s time for them to face the Scourges Of The Galaxy!