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Ultimate Adventurer's Guide, The

Ultimate Adventurer's Guide, The
Product Line: Synnibarr
Author: Raven McCracken
Publish Date: 1994
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.4"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide includes full details of Synnibarr's 50 character types, from stranded aliens to sentient dreams of the Worldship, as well as over 20 new unique races, with elven, ninja, cyborg vampires, communal minds resurrected gurkha and even worshippers of the universal Armageddon.

Each of the races is fully detailed with it's history, origin, culture, religions, social systems and associations, psychology and physiology, as well as their prejudices and affiliations. The Guide provides in-depth background that fully develops detailed characters as never before.

Also included are over 10 new powers, from priests' invocations to Shinpuri, a type of crystal earthpower; from new Chi disciplines to a unique form of martial arts for the male-devouring armored mantis. Also revealed is the true use of the greatest magic of all, Venderant Nalaberong.

To further fill out the description of the Worldship are details of the realms, from the enchanted dimensional pocket of Skienhelm, where some of ancient Earth's societies have been preserved, to the Bay of Heaven, which is home for a species of immortal whales, and on to New Texas where all powers are nullified and the law of the West prevails.

Also fully detailed are the principal organizations on Synnibarr, including the military, gangs, monarchies, and major corporations, as well as the clans of ancient Earth and how to purchase a royal title! Includes the details of various nations of power and their backgrounds and all the different religions of import. The entire combination paints a vivid picture of Synnibarr that is guaranteed to blow your mind!