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North Wind Adventures

North Wind Adventures is a small press publisher based in New Hampshire, USA. Their goal is to produce system neutral adventures for traditional tabletop RPGs. These adventures are seamlessly adaptable to the world’s most popular fantasy and wargame rules as published between 1974 – 1999, and are also usable with simulacrum or “retro-clone” games that seek to evoke the roots of this hobby. These sword-and-sorcery adventures are situated in their default setting of Hyperborea, though are easily adaptable to other campaign settings, published or home-brewed. Hyperborea is largely inspired by the fantastic creations of RE Howard, HP Lovecraft, and CA Smith.

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Taken from Dunwich

By: North Wind Adventures

Stock #: NWA103    Year: 2013

Type: Module

Product Line: Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

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