Emperor's Choice

Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures Corp is a company owned and operated by a small partnership of Arduin fans and gamers dedicated to Arduin and the World of Khaas. In the industry for over seven years, we have strived to preserve David Hargrave's legacy of previous works, providing the classic materials generated by his own hand and new works based on his ideas and world setting to fans worldwide. From miniatures portraying the unique and distinctive creatures of Khaas to modules and a gigantic world setting, we at Emperors Choice strive to bring old fans and new alike more and more of the spectacular and intriguing world of David Hargrave.

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Arduin Adventure, The

2000 Fall Catalog

Adventuring Bard

Adventuring Cleric

Adventuring Ranger

Adventuring Thief

Anti Hero

Arduin Trilogy, The

Armored Barbarian

Armored Cleric

Barbarian Archer

Barbarian Fighter

Berserker in Wolfskin

Bitter Winds, The

Black Dragon

Black Grimoire, The

Black Knight


Cat Folk Warrior


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