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Arduin Grimoire #4 - The Lost Grimoire (Glossy Cover Reprint)

Arduin Grimoire #4 - The Lost Grimoire (Glossy Cover Reprint)
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: David Hargrave
Publish Year: 2005
Pages: 148
Dimensions: 6x9x.32"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


The Arduin legacy continues with 147 pages jammed packed with new ideas, tips and tricks to delight even the most discriminating gamers.

* 40 new arcane spells, conjuration's and divine rituals, as well as a look at seven new specialty mages and their craft.
* New character races, such as "Swampers", "Red Dwarves" and the rarest of all Arduin races - the mysterious and elusive "Tzikki" folk.
* 30 new potent potions, lotions and amazing alchemical concoctions.
* 25 new horrific monsters to challenge even the most accomplished adventure seekers.
* 17 legendary weapons and other renowned magikal treasures.
* A brief visit to one of Arduin's famous taverns for a glass of "Black Heart Brandy" or any one of Arduin's 37 other distinctive ales, beers, wines and liquors.
* A short jaunt into the undercity and lunch at "Dirty Dorgs", one of Arduin's most notorious restaurants - where anything can be had for a price!