World Book of Khaas - Legendary Lands of Arduin

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World Book of Khaas - Legendary Lands of Arduin
Monty St John
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The World Book of Khaas: Legendary Lands of Arduin is an exciting, 800+ page volumeā€”a literal encyclopedia of the world of Khaas and the country of Arduin. The World of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin is a massive volume based on David Hargrave's work, once and for all throwing wide the gates on the Plateau of Forever; allowing entry not only to Arduin, but into the very world.

Gone are the days of wondering what lays beyond her borders. Departed are the times when you have dreamed of roving her dusty trails or foraging in the dangerous woods of the world. Its landscape is open, unraveled for the eye to behold. Khaora, the wondrous continent that houses Arduin, is mapped, its geography open to your eye. Joining it are not only the rest of the civilizations on the continent but also glimpses into the other six continents as well.

The World of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin has 821 pages and over 80 professionally rendered campaign maps, showing the World of Khaas, the Continent of Khaora and the Country of Arduin in a level of detail never before seen in any published campaign setting.

This comprehensive guide to the world was inspired by Dave Hargrave. It was written without mechanics or game system material and is compatible with d20 or other fantasy role playing game system.

The softcover version of the World of Khaas features the original full color cover, and while trimmed to a shorter 821 pages, has even more content than the original publishing! This new printing includes 10 more pages interspersed throughout the book and over 700 changes to spelling, grammar, organization, and layout. How was this done? By consolidating charts, condensing the index and reorganizing the material to slim down the manuscript while taking away nothing!

Everything from the original production is in this amazing volume. With the new method of publishing, you get to enjoy the original full color cover as well as additional material!

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