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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Living Dead of Acheron

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Living Dead of Acheron

More than three centuries ago the barony of Acheron was subservient to the Crown of Alahan. Under the influence of the Order of the Ram, an evil sect, its illustrious lords let themselves be corrupted little by little by their desire for immortality and power. When the Lions became aware of the danger it was already too late: the necromancers of the Ram had opened a gigantic Portal of Darkness to the Netherworld. Night took hold of the tormented sky of Acheron and legions of living-dead poured out of hell onto the now accursed barony. No less than three armies and the sacrifice of thousands of warriors were needed to prevent the invasion of Aarklash by the undead hordes. A single necromancer can raise a battalion of living-dead fighters; a single fiend of the infernal forces can cause an empire to fall into the grasp of eternal darkness. No one can escape Death! The living-dead of Acheron are allied with the alchemists of Dirz, the Akkyshan elves, the Kelts of the Drune clan, the dwarves of Mid-Nor and the ophidians.

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