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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Alchemists of Dirz

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Alchemists of Dirz

Dirz, a visionary scientist, once used Darkness to try to spawn the perfect being as Merin had defined it to be. Hunted by the Akkylannian Inquisition for heresy, Dirz and his alchemists wandered for a long time before settling in the merciless Syharhalna desert. Hidden by the dunes and by their mirages, they founded the alchemical empire of the Scorpion. Over the centuries the alchemists of Dirz, also known as Syhars, have built a civilizations whose foundations are based on the mastery of life and of matter. Inspired by Arh-Tolth, a god that came from elsewhere, they have perfected their sacrilegious knowledge and have mastered the powerful magic of Darkness to create legions of clones and counter-natural creatures. The alchemists of Dirz are allied with the living-dead of Acheron, the Akkyshan elves, the dwarves of Mid-Nor and the ophidians.

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