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Fighting for Virginia 1861-1865

Fighting for Virginia 1861-1865
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Fighting for Virginia 1861-1865
Category: War Games
Author: Nigel Lambert
Publish Date: 2012
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2147929129
Type: Boxed Game

Fighting for Virginia 1861-1865


This 2-player, strategy, board-game is staged during the entire 5 years of the American Civil War and is focused on what was termed the Eastern Theatre, principally Virginia and neighboring States. The board is composed of 24x32 squares (18mm) (on a folded A2-sized map) and portrays the geography and transport system of the time. One player assumes the role of Confederate President Jeff Davis and deploys the gray armies (represented by numbered gray cardboard squares) to defend the new Confederate nation. The other player assumes the role of Union President Abraham Lincoln, and deploys the blue armies (represented by numbered blue cardboard squares) in an attempt to crush the rebellion and recapture Confederate territory and cities.

Players take turns to “move and fight” as they man oeuvre their armies around the map. The game begins in the year 1861 and has the potential to continue until the end of 1865. Each year is made up of 4 Game Turns (except for 1861 which has only 3 Game Turns) with games typically taking 2-4 hours to complete. Victory points are awarded for winning battles, destroying armies, capturing towns and achieving specific objectives. The Victory Point Ladder shows who is winning at any stage of the game. A player wins the game by garnering sufficient victory points or achieving a winning objective such as occupying their opponent’s capital.

The game fits into a slim, lightweight white plastic A4 box colorfully decorated. The box contains a folded map, blue and grey numbered army pieces, 3 game charts, a die, round town markers, a 20 page comprehensive rule booklet and a 3 page “Let\'s get started“ rule booklet. Access is also provided to information regarding: strategy and tactics, the historical basis behind the rules and the map, the thinking behind the game\'s design and suggestions for optional rules to enable players to create more challenging game variants. For example, turning the army markers upside down creates a “fog of war“ where although players can see their opponent’s armies, their strengths are concealed. Historical and geographical accuracy has been attempted, however, no prior knowledge of the civil war is needed to play.

Specific features of the game include: ease of play, the game feels like an elaborate version of checkers / draughts played out over complex terrain. The blue Union armies can engage in sea-based movements to launch invasions. The game is sufficiently flexible as to allow experienced players to adjust the basic rules, eg to change movement allowances or army strengths to make games more challenging.


  • 1 Color Map (24 x32 squares)
  • 3 Game Charts
  • Blue and Gray numbered square army pieces
  • 1 six-sided die
  • Blue and Gray double-sided round town counters
  • 1 Comprehensive Rules booklet
  • 1 "Let's Get Started" Rules Leaflet