Phaze Spiders from the 5th Dimension

By: Red Shirt Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Injurius Games

MSRP $20.00

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Phaze Spiders from the 5th Dimension
Product Line
Richard DuFault
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It is the 22nd century. A new horror has emerged to threaten humans and orx alike: spiders. Orx tampering in the fabric of space and time have opened a portal between our universe and the fifth dimension, and the spiders have flooded through.

They share a hive-mind, slide between dimensions and have the ability to manipulate humans orx and mecks. The spiders are so dangerous they are natural candidates for the ultimate challenge: Arena combat!

These fast-moving monsters wreak havoc among the slower races. Their love of melee combat makes many enemies uneasy, and their powerful short-ranged weapon-mutations can frighten away even the hardest gladiator.

You control a clutch composed of six different types of spiders. Before each match, choose which ones will participate. Each clutch is led by the big Tlisky, bred to lead. The rest of the spiders, called vorpeeds, participate as needed: Venters are the rank and file spiders. Shockers can take you out with one lucky jolt; Bullnoses are the party crashers; jammers have evolved a ver advanced ranged weapon; the tlisk is a failed tlisky.

Spiders are not under any form of corporate control. They enter the arena looking for two things freedom, and puppets to control.

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