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Heroic Quests - The Citadel

Heroic Quests - The Citadel
by WizKids
Product Note: 5 figures
Publish Date: 2002
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


Heroic Quests add new depths to Mage Knight Dungeons, allowing you to explore new settings using the MK Dungeons rules. This set include a complete Heroic Team, the Black Blades. Explore the mysteries of the Flying Citadel of Callius using Jess Blacklock the fighter, Astrus the cleric, Sunbane the mage, and Erlin Boltripper the thief. The double-sided map of The Citadel is designed to work with the scenarios included. In addition to the four Heroes, the set includes Captain Salidar, an ultra-powerful Mage Spawn, eight wandering monster tokens, and the Adventure book. The book contains four scenarios for The Citadel, fiction, bios, and play tips for the Heroes.

For experienced MK Dungeons players, these Quests put a whole new spin on the game. For new players these Quests allow them to instantly build a heroic team and enter the fray.

4 Mage Knight Dungeons dual-Faction Heroes
1 powerful Mage Spawn
1 double-sided map of the Flying Citadel of Callius
8 Wandering Monster Tokens
Adventure book including four scenarios, fiction, bios, and play tips on the Heroes.