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Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition

Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition
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Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Date: 2009
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2147701072
Mfg. part #: MXG1004
Type: Software (boxed)

Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition
Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition


Glory is Fleeting, Obscurity is Forever...

“Better not to have been born than to live without glory.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Two centuries ago, Europe was in the midst of one of the most gripping periods in human history. It was an era that saw cobblers become princes and emperors become exiles, an age of legendary diplomats and brilliant tacticians. Listen to the roll of the drum, the call of the bugle, and see the banners unfurled above the divisions and corps. Wide-eyed recruits march next to battle-scarred veterans, sabers clatter alongside the bags of grapeshot, the wheels of hundreds of caissons rattle, as generals plan and diplomats plot, and all of Europe grasps with desperate hands for… The Crown Of Glory.

This new Emperor’s Edition is a sequel to the acclaimed Crown of Glory and improves on the original in every area, immersing the player in the epic events of the Napoleonic era. A beautiful strategic map with more than 200 provinces covers all of Europe and North Africa, with scenarios and campaigns from 1792 up to 1820. Stronger AI, a streamlined interface and a new simplified economic model to allow players to focus on the aspects of the game they most enjoy. Players take the role of one of the crowned potentates of any of the eight Major powers as well as having the option to play as a minor power such as Poland, Denmark or Portugal.

A turn-based structure allows you to play at your own pace, deciding on the military, diplomatic, economic and social paths of your nation, including treaties, trade routes and levying and supplying military units. While your armies march across a worldwide map with monthly turns, detailed land and naval battles allow you to play at a smaller scale, where your brigades, divisions and ships can be commanded with historical tactics. All battles can be resolved quickly or fought out on a detailed battlefield map.

Each unit has its purpose on the battlefield, with such diverse troops as Jagers, Cossacks, Janissaries and Horse Artillery all modeled for individual strength and morale ratings and each beautifully rendered and animated. Similarly, ships ranging from Frigates to massive First Rate Ships of the Line clash on the seas in battles ranging from skirmishes to decisive fleet engagements, all modeled in great realistic detail.

The eight major powers (France, Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, and Sweden) and over ninety computer-controlled minor nations are modeled in rich historical detail. Every effort has been made to bring you as thorough a simulation of the Napoleonic Era as is possible, from the dockyards of Lisbon to the frozen wastes of Holy Mother Russia.

Historical leaders, special abilities, fleets, upgrades, reinforcements, colonialism, guard units and over 100 historical events, give Crown Of Glory: Emperor's Edition a unique and engrossing style. Combining Strategy and Tactics in one design, Crown Of Glory: Emperor's Edition offers you an opportunity to test your strength in an age of legends.

Crown of Glory Features

Europe and North Africa, 1792 – 1820
More than 200 provinces, 8 Major Nations, 90 Minor Powers
Monthly Strategic Turns, 20 Minute Tactical Turns
Military, Diplomatic, Economic and Social Decisions
Quick Resolution of Battles or Detailed Resolution of Battles
Detailed Combat supports Historical Leaders, Unit Morale, Diverse Unit Types, Command and Control, Weather, Smoke, Reinforcements, and more!
Economics include Resource Types, Economic Parameters, Banks and Loans, Food and Population Growth, Reinforcement Pool, Trade Routes, Merchant and Colonial Income
Naval and Land Combat, including Sieges, Interceptions, Fleet Combat, Port Attacks and Blockades
National Morale
Computer Opponent for Major and Minor Nations
Diplomacy includes Treaties, Secret Treaties, Declarations of War, Cease Fires, Limited Surrender, Total War, and Historical Great Diplomats with special abilities
Weather, Logistics, Fog of War, Special Events
Hot-seat and PBEM
Standard Campaign from 1805 – 1815 as well as a variety of starting scenarios to expand or contract the timeline and allow more options over technology and upgrades

Emperor's Edition Improvements:

New strategic map including a network of roads connecting provinces
70 new movement areas on the strategic map
New “Simple Economy” mode for players who want to concentrate on military / diplomacy
6 new minor powers
101 new historical events such as “Reign of Terror,” “Janissary Revolt,” and “Assassination of Paul I”
Map zooms in and out smoothly on strategic and detailed combat levels
Nations gain Experience and Naval Experience and use these to purchase national upgrades, advanced units, and special training for units
Improved orders of battle in all scenarios with historical names for hundreds of divisions and ships
New scenarios for 1803 and 1812
New scenarios that allow Portugal, Bavaria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Poland to be player-controlled
Changes to strategic A.I. to create more historical decisions for certain nations
New “Path of Napoleon” victory condition in which player must try to accomplish all of Napoleon’s goals
New rules for inflation and mobilization limits to better model wartime effects on the economy and to limit army sizes to historical levels
New rules for march attrition
New interface screens for strategic overview, unit and province lists
Ability to fight detailed battles at division or brigade level
New system of in-game help
New music and sound effects
Improvements to Detailed Land Battles:
Cavalry units can deploy cavalry screens in detailed battle
Units can set a reaction radius in detailed battle that allows units to fire at enemy units, to move to intercept them, or to change rotation to face moving enemy units
New system for handling threat zones and formation changes
New “Pursuit Phase” at end of combat
Completely new A.I. for detailed battle
Can now give long-range movement orders to units and to entire military groups
New Detailed Naval Battles at the Ship Level!
Wind speed and direction affects movement and combat
Ships have five different sail states
Damage to hull, guns, carronades, rigging, crew, leaders
Fire round shot, chain shot, or canister shot
20 different critical hit types to ships, such as “fire” and “rudder shot away”
Grappling and boarding

Game Data

Complexity: Intermediate
Field of Play: Campaigns and Battles
Theatre: Europe, from Great Britain to the Ottoman Empire
Historical Period: Napoleonic
Unit Scale: Divisions, Squadrons
Game Play: Monthly Turns, WEGO
Players: 1 to 8
AI: Yes
PBEM: Yes, Simultaneous
Game Editor: No, but Moddable
Manual: Color PDF (Download) and B&W Printed (Physical), 196 Pages
Display Resolution: 1024x768 Fixed


Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32-bit
Pentium or Athlon 1GHz+
512 MB RAM
32Mb DirectX 7+ Video Card
DirectX 7+ Sound Card
DirectX 9.0C
2 GB of Free Hard Drive space
CD-Rom (for Boxed Version installation)
DirectX 7 or later
Windows Media Player (for Video Tutorials)