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Eventide Fat Pack

Eventide Fat Pack
Category: Magic & CCG's
Sub Category: Magic, the Gathering
Publish Year: 2008
Restockable: No
Type: CCG (Box)

Eventide Fat Pack


Just as the Shadowmoor set turned the plane of Lorwyn on its ear, the Eventide set distorts everything Shadowmoor established. Enemy colors combine and create new strangeness on hybrid cards. Wither, persist, and the untap symbol are back, and are joined by two new mechanics: chroma and retrace.

Color matters more than ever in Eventide, and the new ability chroma puts an exclamation point on it. Chroma asks you to count up the number of mana symbols that appear in cards you're using—the more mana symbols there are, the more devastating the effect.

Cards with the retrace ability take every land you draw for the rest of the game and turn them into weapons to abuse your enemies with.

The Fat Pack Includes:

Eight Eventide boosters
A player's guide with a complete visual encyclopedia of the set
A pack of 40 basic lands (from Shadowmoor)
An Eventide spindown life counter (that's the twenty-sided life counter, only available in this fat pack)
The Eventide novel by Scott McGough and Cory J. Herndon
One random Pro Tour Player card
A card box with wraparound art by Christopher Moeller

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