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Category: Role Playing Games
Genre: RPG - Superhero - d20
Product Line: Omlevex (Silver Age Setting), Champions (5th Edition), Mutants & Masterminds (d20) (1st Edition), Silver Age Sentinels
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.35"
In Print: No
Condition: MINT/New     » Other conditions available
NKG part # Mfg. part # Type Condition
2147427193 ZMG6050 Softcover MINT/New

Omlevex is a setting book for M&M Superlink that presents the Omlevex Universe as it was during the Silver Age of comics! This 144-page perfect-bound book is jam-packed with material:

Extensive information about Metazon, the chain of islands where most of the action occurs in Omlevex Comics! Write-ups of the major cities, geography, politics, and even a map can be found here!

A mind-bogglingly complete timeline that chronicles all the major events of the Omlevex Universe, from Columbus's discovery of America to the Korean War and beyond! Learn about how superhumans came to exist! Discover the secrets of the mysterious mineral known as Omlevex! Find out about the first costumed heroes!

Great behind-the-scenes information that gives you a glimpse into the creation of the various Omlevex comic books! Full stats and bios for 45 heroes and villains! Each bio comes complete with numerous options, including one that helps you adapt the characters to modern-day campaigns!

Full compatibility with the Champions for the Hero System and Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels! Advice on creating and playing Silver Age characters in an authentic manner!

Game Master tips for setting up and running games that capture the spirit of the Silver Age! Plus, advice for designing appropriate villains!

A dynamic cover by comic book legend Dick Ayers!

Interior art by comic book greats such as Herb Trimpe, Mike Zeck, Josef Rubinstein and June Brigman, as well as by some of today's hottest up and comers! More than 70 pieces of art in all! Plus, a giant 2-page spread that features nearly every Omlevex hero and villain duking it out in a massive battle!

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Omlevex Overview

Monday, March 22, 2004
Reviewer: Anonymous

Review: Short review, It is good, Damn good!

For the rest of you, Omlevex is a setting and sourcebook for a ficticous line of comics set in the Silver Age when the forgotten heroes of World War two were rebooted and the major sense of what a modern comic book is began.

The book starts with a tour of Metazon, a island chain that is the source of the settings superhuman enabling substance, Omlevex. The Island is broken into various genre settings, utopian, supernatural, Cold War Communist menace etc.

Rather than describing the charcaters in a simple monster manual format, Omlevex breaks them up into individual chapters covering a specific Comic book title. Its as if you were writing a Marvel comics sourcebook and listed Spiderman, his reocurring characters, greatest and lowest moments, campaign use, notes on how to run him or her in different eras, then wrote up his rogues gallery before moving on to the X-men, the Fantastic Four etc.

As good, genuinely, stylish and cool as the book chapters are, the showpiece is the chapter on gaming in the Slver age. This covers the style in terms of dos and don'ts, quoting from the Comics Code Authority guidelines of the times, before delving into advice on roleplaying in and GMing in a Four color setting. It is detailed, concise and covers it beautifully. the author clearly knows the subject and has no lack of affection for it.

Why would you want to buy it?

1.) If you run a four color comic book campaign, the genre chapter should be in your GM binder and there are plenty of new and varied heroes and, mostly, villains for your campign.

2.) If you run a Mutants and Masterminds campaign it may be the only statted out in print source material you see until the third quarter of the year.

3.) If you run Silver Age Sentinels, The genre chapter alone deserves a good long look and it is very well suited to Empire city.

4.) Champions campaigners have more material in print than the previous two combined but Omlevex is a solid sourcebook with plenty of new heores and villains, a very comic book setting and a GMing chapter that even experienced superhero gms should check out.

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