Summoner Wars Complete Collection!

By: Plaid Hat Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Summoner Wars

(cards sleeved)

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Summoner Wars Complete Collection!
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Summoner Wars puts you in the role of a powerful summoner. Display your tactical prowess by summoning units to your gates, outmaneuvering your opponent, and cutting down the enemy summoner. Countless unit types, a wide variety of spells and abilities, and the option to build your own decks, all make for a game sure to entertain, play after play.

This collection includes everything ever produced for Summoner Wars (besides promos). Every faction is ready to wage war against their enemies!


  • Summoner Wars Master Set
  • Alliances Master Set
  • Fallen Kingdom Faction Deck
  • Fallen Kingdom Second Summoner Deck
  • Goodwin’s Blade Reinforcement Deck
  • Sand Goblins Second Summoner Deck
  • Talyia’s Spirit Reinforcement Deck
  • Jungle Elves Faction Deck
  • Jungle Elves Second Summoner Deck
  • Hawk’s Strike Reinforcement Deck
  • Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins Starter Deck
  • Cave Goblin Second Summoner Deck
  • Grungor’s Charge Reinforcement Deck
  • Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs Starter Deck
  • Tundra Orc Second Summoner Deck
  • Rukar’s Power Reinforcement Deck
  • Mountain Vargath Second Summoner Deck
  • Bellor’s Retribution Reinforcement Deck
  • Deep Dwarves Second Summoner Deck
  • Piclo’s Magic Reinforcement Deck
  • Swamp Orc Second Summoner Deck
  • Mercenaries Faction Deck
  • Mercenaries Second Summoner Deck
  • Phoenix Elves Second Summoner Deck
  • Cloaks Faction Deck
  • Cloaks Second Summoner Deck
  • Shadow Elves Second Summoner Deck
  • The Filth Faction Deck
  • The Filth Second Summoner Faction Deck
  • Saella’s Precision Reinforcement Deck
  • Guild Dwarves Second Summoner Deck
  • Vanguard Faction Deck
  • Vanguard Second Summoner Deck
  • Benders Second Summoner Deck

    All components are stored mixed within the Alliances box set. No other packaging is included.
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