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Dust Tactics Allied Starter Army #1 - 36 Figures

Dust Tactics Allied Starter Army #1 - 36 Figures
Dimensions: 12x12x15"
Restockable: No
Type: Collection


You’ve been eying up Dust for a long time. You know that you want to play, but you just can decide where to start. Hesitate no more. With this collection of forces you will be ready to open the box and put your forces on the table without any fuss. Featuring a core of basic, helpful troops from the Allied forces, this collection will launch you into the game of Dust faster than a V2 rocket.


  • Crazy Jimmy - First Serfeant James T Murphy
  • Little Mack (Alternate Sculpt, Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • M3A2 Medium Combat Walker - Mickey (Light)
  • M3G2 Medium Combat Walker A-T - Barking Dog (Light)
  • Medium Combat Walker M3-C2 - Pounder
  • Medium Combat Walker M3-F2 - Steel Rain (Light)
  • Mercenary Cleaning Squad (Sisters of Demolition)
  • USMC Assault Squad (Hell Blazers)
  • USMC Demolition Squad - The Saints
  • USMC Recon Squad
  • USMC Rifle Squad – Mavericks x2
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.