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D&D 4th Edition Module Collection - 6 Books!

D&D 4th Edition Module Collection - 6 Books!


An adventure for every level!

Never again want for adventure with this collection of modules for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Including the entire Heroic Tier Trilogy plus two revisits to older D&D modules and an entire additional volume featuring an adventure for all 30 levels, your party will never again be at a loss for what to do.


  • Dungeon Delve
  • Heroic Tier Trilogy, The #1 - Keep on the Shadowfell
  • Heroic Tier Trilogy, The #2 - Thunderspire Labyrinth
  • Heroic Tier Trilogy, The #3 - Pyramid of Shadows
  • Revenge of the Giants
  • Tomb of Horrors

    Conditions range from Fair to NM with most falling somewhere in between.