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Battlelore Mega Collection #1 - Core Game + 8 Expansions!

By: Fantasy Flight Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Battlelore 1st Edition (Fantasy Flight Games)

Last Stocked on 5/2/2014

Product Info

Battlelore Mega Collection #1 - Core Game + 8 Expansions!


This massive horde of all things Battlelore is ready to storm onto your tabletop at a full gallop. Trample your enemies beneath mighty cavalry, crush them beneath the feet of your hill giant, or bury them beneath a horde of goblins. The choice is up to you with this jam-packed assortment of expansions and promotional items there is no war too large to wage. The specific items included are:

  • Battlelore
  • Call to Arms Expansion
  • Dwarven Battalion Pack
  • Earth Elemental Promo
  • Epic Expansion
  • Goblin Mauraders Pack
  • Goblin Skirmishers Pack
  • Hill Giant Promo
  • Hundred Years’ War Expansion

    All components from all items have been combined in the core game box. No other packaging is included, but all components are between VG+ and NM and ready for play. Craft the epic conflict of your wildest imaginings with the Battlelore Mega Collection!
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