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Studiolevel Terrain Kickstarter! Liber Chaotica Complete!

Hello everyone,

We have escaped the Polar Vortex here in Wisconsin and have been cataloging tons of new and rare games the last few weeks!

We received in a few new Kickstarters this past week, including one of a kind terrain from Studiolevel. The Studiolevel Kickstarter Exclusive terrain includes Industrial, Urban, Gas Station and Scenery core boxes. We also received the Space 1889 Kickstarter which contains all the information you could possibly want on Mars, which will help you with any of your sci-fi RPG campaigns.

In War Games, we received a restock from L2 Design Group including the popular Breakout - Normandy (Deluxe 2nd Edition). We also received Rally Point #16 from Sherry Enterprises and from Cerigo Editions, we received in their latest Vae Victis Magazine with Games, #143. Dust Studio is also back in-stock with a huge new shipment!

Games Workshop released Genestealer Cults and we have the new codex in-stock. This weekend, we’ll have the newest box sets as well. Releasing this weekend is Age of Sigmar Carrion Empire. We also entered a Near Mint copy of Liber Chaotica Complete, published in 2006, which is all four books of chaos bound into a single volume. For Call of Cthulhu, we received a partially painted Call of Cthulhu and Creatures set from Grenadier Miniatures. With Grenadier being defunct in 1996 , these are incredibly hard to come by. We have tons of miniature box sets and loose miniatures available on our website so be sure to check them out.

Let us know if we can help with any questions you have. Have a great rest of your week!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder